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Consulting Intern Resume for an Internships in Accenture

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology consulting and technology outsourcing company. It is the largest consulting firm in the world, as well as being a global player in the technology consulting industry. We also remind you that Accenture is a Fortune Global 500 company. As of 2010, the company had more than 200,000 employees in more than 200 locations in over 120 countries and offered 198 internship opportunities, $21 per hour, 95% of the interns can get full-time opportunities, of which 85% will accept. Become an intern with mentoring programs and conferences, many up-and-coming students are involved with Accenture before they even graduate.

Our consulting intern resume writing service reminds that paid internships last 10 – 12 weeks and typically begin in late-May/early-June and end in mid-August/early-September.

Accenture Intern Resume

Accenture internship roles are available for students who have completed their third year of undergraduate study. Students that demonstrate leadership, strong academic performance, motivation and involvement on campus, and an interest in a consulting career are welcomed.

We want you to notice that applications are due in the early winter timeframe. Students should prepare their Accenture intern resume and check with their career center to find specific deadlines for their campus, or check back on the company’s careers website.

Accenture offers paid undergraduate summer internships in various locations around the United States. The majority of our intern roles are within the consulting business, supporting Systems Integration & Technology and Management Consulting. Intern analysts participate in a variety of roles, including those of an actual full-time consultant.

Interns get first-hand exposure to the roles and responsibilities of an entry-level consultant and in many cases are actually working on client engagements. They get to understand what it is like to work as a consulting analyst at Accenture. The hands-on consulting experience also prepares the students with relevant work experience to take fourth and apply in their future career.

We pointing out that throughout the summer, Accenture interns are involved in learning, networking, and social events. In addition, students interning with Accenture the summer before their senior year attend a three-day leadership conference during the summer at a training facility in St. Charles, Illinois. The agenda for the conference includes team-building exercises, meeting the company’s executives, diversity presentations, networking opportunities, motivational speakers and a showcase of the company’s clients.

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