The sample is applicable as:

  • Senior Management Consultant professional resume
  • Project Manager professional resume
  • Service Manager professional resume
  • Senior Project Manager professional resume
  • Project Director professional resume
  • Managing Director professional resume
  • Business Management Consultant professional resume

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Recruiter's comment:

Weak Point:

  • Work experience limited only to one industry.

Strong Point:

  • Strong background in Project Management and Customer service with notable achievements.
  • Has extensive exposure working with various national and international companies.


  • Remove Business man at the upper right corner
  • Delete reactive word at the upper right corner
  • Reduce the content of first section. Include only the most important qualifications.

Employers that may be interested:

  • Senior Management Consultant – Third Horizon Consulting Partners
  • Independent Business Operations Consultant – The Lamberhurst Corporation
  • Senior Project Manager – The Big Word
  • Senior Project Manager – BGB, NY
  • Project Manager/Sr Project Manager – SAP Masterdata – Hersheys Company
  • Sr. Project Manager – MRI Network
  • Business Management Consultant – The May Company
  • Turnaround Management Consultant – ABS, USA Division


The candidate is a seasoned management consultant with strengths in Project Management and Customer Service. He has successfully headed implementation of big projects on time within set budget. Has led and managed a team with fifty staff members.

Hi, I really liked both the cover and thank you letter. I would like to keep both ast and sales experience in cover letter. I think resume looks great.Also I would like to thank you for all your help. My resume is just way i wanted to be. Simple and to the point.


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