What services do you provide?

We specialize in writing and editing resumes and CVs as well as other essential documents such as cover letters, thank you letters, reference letters, follow-up letters. In addition we provide many other services such as interview coaching, references verification, resume distribution, job search assistance, social profile screening and professional networking services. All our services are job-search related and we have them all listed in the Services section.

How is your service executed?

The process is quite simple and effective, tailored to deliver only the highest quality service. Not every resume writing company or freelance resume writer abides by this method, which can impact the quality of the finished product.

After we receive your order, we assign one of our certified, professional resume writers to it. The writer checks over the order details and reviews all the additional information you provided.

The writer then schedules a time and calls you to acquire any additional information they need regarding your order, such as: biography, skills, experience, interests, achievements etc. The writer completes a thorough questioning period with you in order to create a custom-made professional resume that reflects all your strengths.

After this, the writer will complete your order in the agreed upon time period and send you a rough draft for your review.  Then, you will work with the writer to finalize your documents.

Finally, you will receive a personal discount for you or your friends’ next order with us.

May I get a discount before I place my first order?

Yes. We want to prove ourselves to you!  Use FAQ20 as your discount code for your first order with us and get 20% off your total price!

Why would I need a discount after my order is done?

There are several options for any additional orders!

Case 1. Return to us to update your resume for your next job search. The discount we offer you now is valid for up to 9 years!

Case 2. You may realize that you are in need of additional services, such as cover letters, editing, distribution services or interview coaching!  You will continue to save if you order from us. Our returning customers are satisfied with our professionalism and quality. We hope to retain our customers by always providing incentives.

Case 3. The discount can be used by your friends and family. Additionally, we provide you with discounts and credits for each referral you provide us!  Read more about How our clients earn by recommending us.

What about revisions? If my resume is not effective, and I need some changes – will you do that?

Absolutely yes! You will receive a free revision of your resume for one month after the order was completed. If you need a revision after one month, we offer an affordable and professional editing service for which your returning-customer discount is applicable.

What if I do not like the service you provide? What is your refund policy?

Our Refund Policy is very simple: in case the client is not satisfied with the service provided, our loyal Quality Assurance Team will review the case and suggest optimal solutions to the client, including reassigning the writer and starting from scratch. We aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction!

Who are your writers?

Our team is made up of trained, certified resume writers as well as HR managers, recruiting, staffing, career development, and coaching professionals from various industries.  When working with us, we always keep the process under control by contacting your assigned writer to ensure that they meet your strict deadlines and high standards of quality.

How may I be sure my payment is secure?

We use 100% reputable, certified and secure Internet payment services. You are charged through your bank and then they pay us the amount charged. They also guarantee your safety and privacy. For international customers who prefer to use a different payment method, contact us to arrange a safe and secure alternative payment method

How do I know you are the best resume writing service available online?

We promise you will be satisfied or receive your money back. Over 96% of our clients remain satisfied with the services we provide. Our most important priority is customer satisfaction and writing quality.

What are the guarantees you give?

  • We guarantee you will be charged only for the chosen service.
  • We guarantee the service process will proceed as outlined.
  • We guarantee your personal information will remain private and secure.
  • We guarantee the information we get about you will not be passed to any 3rd party.
  • We guarantee to provide best resume writing service possible!