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CV Writing Format 2012Resume writing can be intimidating sometimes. It is difficult to determine as to what information you should include in writing a resume. Some details are essentials; some are just flowery words which make your resume boring. Another consideration is the generation we are into right now. Resume writing may be different 20 years ago. There are updates once in a year as to what is acceptable or not when it comes to writing a resume. Here is the latest CV format 2012 and the top five features of the best CV Writing.

First Features of the Latest CV Writing Format 2012

First, before writing a CV, one should determine the job search objective. When you determine your objective, you now know what to include in the CV writing. This is important because if you don’t have as a clear goal then your CV will be obscure and the readers will be confused.

Second, you should mindset that your CV in 2012 is a marketing tool and you are the main product. Therefore, if we are talking about sales, you should sell yourself well in your resume. Your customers here are the hiring officers or the potential employers. In a product, the most important marketing instruments are the features and the benefits. Be sure that your CV has these contents. Determine what your best features are and what the benefits they can get if they hire you. Another characteristic of a good product is its uniqueness. The most salable commodity is the most unusual one. Make sure that your resume content will be as unique as possible in compare to other CVs.

Now, here are the top 5 features that a CV should have (updated for 2012 Job searchers):

  1. Avoid including your middle name or initial. This is for the purpose of easy recognition and recall.
  2. One telephone number will do. This is so that the HR officer will not be confused and you can be called immediately.
  3. CV should not be longer than 2 pages. If you are just a beginner, one page will do, but if you are a professional changing career and you have a lot of experiences, it should be on two pages—with your name also printed at the top of the 2nd page.
  4. Your name should be in bold letters and it should be larger than the body. Your details, however, such as address, telephone numbers and email address should not be in bold letters and it should not be any larger.
  5. The font size should not be more than 12 points and its font style should be Arial or Times New Roman (this is for easy reading).

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