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Why Is It Important to Know the Latest Trends in Resume Writing?

If we rank formal documents in a list, the resume will be at the top. The resume is the most important document as it holds basic information about you, as a whole. It tells the reader about your academic qualification, your informal education, your job experiences, community work, your extracurricular activities, and other interests. That is the reason, the resume is vital for your university admission and for your job placements. In both cases, you must be aware of the latest trends in resume writing.

You may wonder, that what’s the importance of the latest trends? When the role of a resume is just to provide the information, why latest trends matter? The answer is, they actually matter a lot. When you write your resume according to the latest trend, it shows that you are up to date. You know what is going around you and you can match with the pace of the time. These qualities are important for job seekers. It’s also important to know the latest trends, as the competition is getting higher in every field, if you have to make your place, you have to match with the latest trends. Moreover, now a day, resumes are not reviewed by the officials, rather there are ATS, Applicant Tracking Systems. These systems review the resume and an ATS is the latest system. If you want your resume to be considered by an ATS, it has to be written according to the latest trends.

Do You Know These 2019 Resume Trends & Facts?

When we talk about resume and increasing competition in the job market. Here are a few interesting facts, which may surprise you.

  • Roughly, 200 new people register on job websites, almost daily.
  • An online job posting can draw thousands of resumes in just 24 hours.
  • For the skilled positions in companies, more than 150 people apply for a single position. for entry level positions this number increases to nearly 300.
  • To hire a single employee, 100 resumes are reviewed. 25 are shortlisted and 5 are called for interview.
  • A bad resume is a reason for the rejection of 75% candidates.
  • A recruiter usually gives a resume less than 20 seconds.
  • Spelling errors are the reason of rejection for 43% candidates

These are just a few interesting facts, which show that everything is important, either its spellings, format or the skills.

What Are 2019 Resume Trends?

Resume trends keep on changing every year. If we talk about the 2019 resume trends, you have to be careful, competition is going to be even tougher. Here are some latest trends in resume writing, which you have to keep in mind while searching for the 2019 resume templates.

  1. Professionalism: Trends come, and trends go, but this trend is static, and it never changes. When you are writing your resume for 2019, make sure it is completely professional. The format, the tone, and the content, everything is focused on your profession. This criterion is never outdated.
  2. Professional summary: Most of the executive gives only 10 to 20 seconds to review a resume. So, it’s better to present your strong skills or qualifications at the top. Instead of objectives, you can give a summary on the front page. It can engage the recruiter to go through the rest of the resume.
  3. Keep it short: No one is interested in reading long and details CVs, So, in 2019 it’s a good idea to keep it short and mention the key features only. However, make sure that you don’t forget to mention an important point.
  4. Visually attractive: Professional resumes, should not be very colorful. But according to the latest resume format, if you have to present a resume which is visually attractive and pleasing for the eyes. If it’s engaging, it will push the reader to read it.
  5. Social media support: Social media is getting popular with each passing day. You can use your social media profile to grab a job opportunity. However, there should not be very personal stuff on your profile.
  6. Use keywords: Like SEO, you have to point the keywords in the advertisement and use them in your resume. It will make your resume compatible with the advertisement, and its importance from the ATS point of view too.
  7. Quantify your achievements: You may have achieved a lot in your past jobs. But for the present employer, it’s important to know that how much you have achieved. If possible quantify your achievements in percentage. It will be easier for the recruiter to judge your skills.

popular 2019 resume trends

The Most Popular Styles of 2019 Resume Templates

When it comes to resume format 2019, you have to be very selective. You have to select a format according to the nature of the job. That’s the point when you have to prepare a new resume for every job you apply for.

In summary, the purpose of a resume is to tell a short story about who are you, your skill, your achievement, your experience and what you can do for them. In which your story must be able to impress the recruiter for you to be accepted or consider being suitable for the job.

Well, selecting the right format is also a step in developing an effective resume. However, many people do not know how to format a resume and don’t consider what format to use in a way that will highlight their skills and experience and a proper resume format.There shouldn’t be an assumption that all resume will fit a particular format.

There is a difference between a CV and resume which means there is a greater chance in choosing a format that best emphasizes your qualification. Here are the three main common resume formats which the recruiter is excepting to see.

Here are some popular resume formats, which you can choose according to your needs.

  1. Chronological resume format: This format is good for those, who have no gaps in their career. the work history is mentioned in chronological order. This is a popular format because it’s easy for the recruiters to know about the job history and career changes of the applicant. However, if you have gaps between the jobs, try to avoid this format.
  2. Functional format: In this format, the focus is on the skills and strengths of the works, instead of their work history. It’s an ideal format for those, who have a lot of job changes or even career changes. However, some recruiters don’t like it, as it’s not easy to read and it’s easy to hide details in this format.
  3. White space format: It’s a true professional format, which is very popular too. It is a concise format, all the information provided is very concise and short, leaving a lot of white space around. It’s popular because it is perfect for almost all kinds of jobs.
  4. Pinstripe format: This is an eye-catching format, which draws focus on your skills and accomplishments. This is a popular format for those people who want to join any creative industry. The design is easy to read, but not typical.
  5. Artistic format: The header is very bold in this format, which grabs the attention of the reader immediately. There are separate sections for education, skills, and experience. That is the reason, recruiters also like this format, as it’s easy to locate things of their interest. It’s a well-organized format, which is suitable for all professionals.
  6. Modern format: It’s called modern format as it’s the combination of blue and black, which is quite unusual. It’s good for those who have a lot of achievements in their career.
  7. Executive format: Its simple format, which is suitable for all jobs seekers. The focus of this format is on the achievement of the applicant. If you are seeking an executive level role, this is a perfect choice.

Chronological Resume Format

This is the easiest resume format for people seeking a job. It is also the simplest common resume format which the recruiters see the most, which can convey the normal impression of a resume.

With the best format for resume; the work experience is emphasized with content organized in ascending order. The jobs are listed from your current job to the old job. It also includes a summary of the education section and skill section both place after the work experience in the resume layout. If you are staying in the same industry throughout your career you should consider the format of the chronological resume  as it will give you a clear idea of your progress.

This best format for resume is best for jobseeker that has been in the same industry for years. It may be difficult for a candidate who has left the work for a long time or doesn’t have a significant job.


  • A preferred format for easy review of candidate job and work history
  • It clearly indicates the companies for which you have worked and the length of your employment.
  • Provides a quick snapshot of your work history
  • This resume format will clearly show the positions you have held and how long
  • Most recruiters are familiar with this type of resume format which later result in the favor of the candidates
  • This type of resume format gives benefits for a candidate who has worked with a well-known company
  • chronological resume  format gives high priority when they are hiring for a senior executive position.


  • For those candidates that don’t have a work history, a chronological resume will make it more noticeable
  • If you have a different job you are doing before and you want to apply for another job, this type of format is not recommended for such resume because the recruiter will find it difficult to relate both jobs together.
  • For students that just begin his career, a chronological resume  would expose the candidate lack of experience.

Best for:

Candidates who have a solid and long work history

What to include in the chronological resume format:

  • Contact Information
  • Resume Summary
  • Professional Title
  • Work Experience (bulk of content)
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Additional sections

Functional Resume Format

A functional resume format is also known as a skills-based format. Although it isn’t that common type of resume people used today. Also, some recruiters are not familiar with this type of format because it doesn’t emphasize on the work history instead it devotes more space for skill and related achievement that are relevant to the role of the job. A functional resume includes summary before placing the skill and education section.

It is ideal for people who have a lot of achievement, skills and new to the work. With a gap in work history or those involve career change since the functional resume minimizes space for work history and emphasize on business skills.

When to use a functional resume format

If you change jobs regularly, you can also consider a functional resume format. This way, you avoid the fact that you have not stayed at work for a long time.

A functional resume is not classified by position. So, you need a different organizational structure. These can be categories based on your skills or qualifications. In the job description, you will find information on what you want to highlight or emphasized here.


  • Skills are emphasized
  • Less emphasis is placed on work experience

Best for:

Job applicants with limited work experience, those who change careers or those who have gaps in their careers.


  • It will look as if you don’t have a steady job or work experience, which will make it, looks like you are not committed to your job for a period of time.
  • A functional resume format may not include certain work history this may hinder your chance of a been interview.

What to include in the functional resume format:

  • Contact Information
  • Resume Summary
  • Professional Title
  • Skills Summary (bulk of content)
  • Additional Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Education

Combined Resume Format

Combined resume format is also called a hybrid resume format. It consists of both characteristics of chronological and functional formats in a way that candidate find more pleasant. This resume format emphasizes on both skills and progressive work history.

This is suitable for those who simply don’t know how to format a resume, have made major career changes, returnees, older workers, graduates with internship or work experience and applicant seeking for job. Or those who have solid employment history and want to emphasize on his skills or work history.


  • It makes your resume perfect if you have a promising career that is progressing with various academic and professional achievements.      
  • It brings out both your strength and experience.


  • Longer than a usual practical resume.
  • Unable to reach the attention of the right person, meaning your resume may end up being unread.
  • Is not useful for those with little skills or work experience
  • Is not useful for those with gaps in their work history

 What to include in the combined resume format:

  • Contact Information
  • Skills Summary
  • Additional Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Education

Tips for writing a proper resume format

  • Familiarize yourself with the basics
  • Make 2pp A4.
  • Always attach your resume to the desired job
  • Read through the job description first, before you attach your resume.
  • Enter all of your contact information.
  • Use bullet points and define each point in a unique way. It is easy for the hiring manager to realize and invite you to a job interview.
  • Include bullet points, then lay each point out clearly. This will make it easier for the recruiter to notice you and ask you in for the interview.
  • List your own skills, your achievements, qualifications, and relevant experience.
  • Leave enough space between text, fields and bullets.
  • Use the most appropriate verbs and relevant keywords in the role description.
  • Have someone else check your resume and always utilise a spell checker.
  • Never insert a photo, don’t include your age, your nationality, religion or gender.


resume 2019 tips

Tips on Writing Your Document According to the Latest Resume Format 2019

You might be looking for the latest resume format.  If you want to write the best resume, these few tips can help you.

  • Find the best examples: Before you select the best resume format 2019 for you, it’s better to look for some successful examples. You can search for the people, who applied in the same position as you are applying. After that look for the resumes of successful candidates, it will help you to know the best format for this job.
  • Choose template carefully: For your resume 2019, you have to choose the template carefully. The template makes things easy and quick for you, but its bit tricky. Moreover, there are chances that some other applicants might be using the same template. So, don’t forget to customize it.
  • Select the appropriate format: A lot of formats are available for different job types. You have to choose one which is appropriate for your position. Keep your work history, education career and achievements in mind.
  • Select basic font: Whatever format you have selected, when you are formatting your resume, make sure you select the basic font. It is easier to read for the recruiter.
  • Contact information: Contact information should be added clearly. Provide the email address and postal address, and if you have a website or other social media accounts.
  • Customized profile: You have to add your profile for the job, but the important thing is you add a different profile for the different job. Customize your resume for every job you apply for.
  • Start with important: Some accomplishments are important and relevant to your job position, while others are not. You have to mention those first, which are relevant to this job.
  • Follow the keywords: Mention those keywords, which are mentioned in the job advertisement. Computer systems read the same words only and reject the others.
  • Quantify your accomplishment: Express your accomplishments in numbers and percentages, it will be easier for the recruiter to understand.
  • Edit it properly: Editing is very important for every document and resume is no exception.

Top 10 Phrases to Use for Resume Format 2019

Your resume 2019 should contain the following action verbs to grab the attention of the recruiter.

Achieved Changed Contributed Delivered Awarded
Gained Improved Generated Optimized Produced

Latest Trend in Resume Writing ➤ Worst Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Here we are discussing some mistakes, which you should avoid while writing your resume.

  1. Grammatical and typing mistakes: These mistakes show your careless attitude and incompetency, both are unacceptable for potential employers, so avoid them at any cost.
  2. One resume for all posts: If you are applying for different jobs, the resume should be customized for each job. Sending a single resume for all positions is a mistake.
  3. Highlighting duties: Yes, it’s a mistake when you focus on your duties in previous jobs. The focus should be on your accomplishments.
  4. Nonspecific objective: Objective should be very specific. A vague objective shows the carelessness.
  5. Wrong format: Select the format carefully. If you have a lot of job changes in your career and you are selecting a format which focuses on that, it will be a big mistake.

top-notch resume writing service 2019

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