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Many of us find it difficult to write about our own abilities, skills, and achievements. My goal is to identify those qualities in you and bring them to the forefront of a resume that will get you noticed by a hiring manager or pass the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). My background in Human Resources is valuable in writing clear, detailed resumes that will make you stand out. Together, we will create your story in words while highlighting your best abilities.


Facts and Latest Trends in Resume Writing

The recent trends in resumes show the better and simpler side of creating job applications. You will get to know a couple of useful information about resume format 2018 on our website. Here are some facts and details about latest resume trends.

  • The professional resume writers will be seen providing writing services with the hiked rates.
  • More than 5 percent of the resumes are rejected by big firms only because of the font styles used in them.
  • It takes a week or more time to write an error-free resume as per the recent format of the resumes.

Resume Trends for the Year 2018

Resume writing gets some upgrade every year in terms of its format and layout. However, many of us don’t pay attention to the tips that can actually make it best. Have a look at some latest resume trends.

  • Creating your own style and branding would be seen more in the resume writing
  • the updated resume templates show more focus on the keyword rich resumes. You will have to pay more attention to it.
  • The results and accomplishments have to be quantified and elaborated in a concise manner.
  • The short, clean and readable resume would be the top choice of recruiters to read. This time, don’t forget to follow these steps.
  • Every time when you ask to write my resume from any professional writer, keep in mind to determine either they’re familiar with the latest resume writing trends or not.

Tips and Changes-to-be-Made for Getting a Winning Resume

Some top resume tips 2018 will give you right suggestions. These job search tips are valuable in all the aspects.

  • Write the short sentences (should be based on 20 to 30 words). Limit each paragraph to 4 lines.
  • Start with introducing yourself only by sharing the name. Then, go towards sharing the other information.
  • Check your writing thrice. That should be twice by yourself manually and once by using any trusted grammar checking tool.
  • In case of hiring any professional resume writers, make sure that you negotiate about the rates with them.

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Final Tips and Suggestions

The resume writing can be easier or too complex for any beginner. It is all about taking your writing standards to the next level by rising personal knowledge about it. Take a deep breath and start reading about the latest trends of writing a job application. This will hardly take half an hour for the consecutive days in a week. If you think that paraphrasing will be helpful, then you’re wrong. Try to come up with the personal style of writing by using your own set of vocabulary and way of conveying information.

Never add any false information at all. Remember that it can have a direct negative impact once you get selected. Compare your resume with any other latest job application written by a pro. This can give you more quirky ideas for modifying the application. You need to start making corrections after completion of the writing process. Read out the content of other resumes to get more concepts of making your application worth reading. It is definitely quite simple if you’ve more dedication to learn about creating a resume.

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