There is a specific format to use when applying for a job with the federal government. It is important to ensure that you do download this form for federal resume writing in order to ensure that your resume will not be discarded before it is even read. Many applicants are not aware of the various rules in this application procedure and for this reason we offer professional federal resume writing services for all clients. We have the expert federal resume writers that know all the tips and techniques for writing such a resume at

Tips for federal resume writing

Specific aspects of the process for government resume writing service to which our writers pay particular attention include:

  • The information for federal resume writing MUST be tailored to the job posting
  • In addition to your full personal information, we ensure that we have the exact dates for the experience listed in your resume
  • Educational qualifications must be written in chronological order starting with high school and work your way up to the present or the latest courses you took
  • When providing details of your educational qualifications, federal resume writing service has to include mention of the exact subjects you studied

What not to do in federal resume writing

In an ordinary resume it is common to use bulleted points to list education and work experience. This is not acceptable in federal resume writing. Our federal resume writers know that government agencies place much more importance on education when they read a resume. We make sure we focus on your accomplishments in education. Your degrees, diplomas and certifications must be written in detail and in paragraph format.

When there is a job posting in which you are interested but you feel that you do not have the exact qualifications for the position, we can help you write an extraordinary resume. This is only one of the benefits we offer with our federal resume writing service. We can tailor your resume to focus on areas that are seen as impressive by the reader when you come to

Federal resume writing is different from all other types of resume writing. This is why it is best to rely on the trusted service of