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PROFESSIONAL RESUME WRITER JIM As a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), I create resumes and cover letters that sell the client in the best possible way for the position he or she is seeking. As a certified resume writer and career coach, my client experience runs from recent high school and college graduates to senior executives, and my industry experience is wide. In job search, it is all about selling yourself and my job is to provide the tools and guidance to do that most effectively.

MY AREAS OF EXPERTIZE Financial, sales, marketing, customer service, administrative, and educational resumes. I am also particularly skilled at writing resumes for students just out of college. I am very familiar with the pharmaceutical, media, entertainment, banking, advertising and retail industries.


Choosing the Best Resume Format 2014 for You

Writing a winning resume is one of the main keys in order to ensure an interview to coveted job positions. Bear in mind that the competition can be tough hence the necessity to submit a flawless and effective resume that will surely showcase your expertise. Aside from content, you should also pay attention to the technical aspects of your resume such as structure, layout, style, and most especially format. Your resume format should be able to maximize the impact of your resume as to impress the hiring managers.

Stay Ahead of the Competition with Appropriate Resume Format 2014

The best resume format 2014 for one job seeker may not be the most appropriate for you which is why you should allot time to clearly understand the differences between various formats. It is also vital that you consider the job position, work history and what you can offer to your potential employer. Remember that hiring managers should be able to easily view essential skills necessary to improve your qualifications. You can choose between chronological format, functional format and the combination between both. The best resume format will not only give you the advantage but will actually serve as your leverage in order to stay ahead of the competition.