Where you get your advice is highly relevant, when you’re looking for career solutions and problem solving. Professional career advice from specialists in your field is a step up from “cookie cutter” advice. The advice you get from experts can be a major game changer, and absolutely critical in some cases.

Why getting professional career advice is so important

professional careers adviceProfessional careers advice is in a completely different league from the routine job market advice. Job advisers will tell you about the mainstream market, but very few will pretend to be experts regarding professional issues. Career expertise in a particular field is a very different thing to job market expertise.
Professionals also have another major advantage – They can explain issues, clearly and simply. If you’ve ever been taught by an expert, you will know how efficiently top professionals can manage the subject when they’re trying to teach someone something.
When it comes to solving career problems, they are also the people most likely to understand your situation. If you’re at the “Where do I go from here?” stage, you really do need to talk to someone who’s been there and knows what you’re talking about.

Finding professional career advice when you need it

One of the more interesting developments in recent times is the rise of online specialist career advisers. These advisers are providing career advice in their own career fields. They can also assist with some of the generic job searching and career path issues related to types of career.professional career advice

For example, if you want a job overseas in a particular field, they can tell you everything you need to know about the international job market in that field. This is very useful information, and better still, it’s tailored to the needs of individuals.

Professional associations are also a very useful source of career information. Although professional association websites may or may not provide specific career advice or resume writing services, there will be people on forums and in positions within the associations who are able to provide advice and assistance.

Defining the professional career advice you need

professional careers_adviceOne thing you need to know about getting professional advice is that you can’t just walk up to a professional and ask for the meaning of life. You need to be pretty clear about exactly what information you need. Define the problem well, and you’ll get the answers you need.

Defining the problem also provides you with a very good idea of who you need to ask about that problem. Experts in any field tend to specialize, and there will be at least several in your field who have experienced the same issues that you are attempting to resolve.

Take the time to explore your options, find the right people with the experience and expertise, and politely make contact with your preferred professional experts. It will be worth it.

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