To run a job search effectively, you have to treat it like a full-time job.  If you are already working or just dealing with the errands that can fill up your day when you are unemployed, dedicating 40 hours a week to a job search can be a difficult task.
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There are many ways to submit your resume to an employer.  Some of them will have a higher chance of success than others, but since you do not know whether an employer will check their email from that site or lose your communication among the hundred of other applicants, the logical option is to apply to as many as possible. One email might eventually lead to the job of your dreams, which is why you need to exploit as many job search sites as possible.  However, sitting around uploading your resume to multiple job sites is probably not how you want to spend your time and neglect other important tasks. This is where our job search assistance service can help you!

Our team will distribute your resume across multiple job sites, allowing you to receive e-mail notifications weekly on openings that might be right for you. Our team will find 3-5 available job vacancies by matching your resume profile and location requirements. We thoroughly check all of your requirements to ensure that the vacancies are a perfect match. Then we send you the links so that you can apply to the openings as soon as possible. Do not miss out on the opportunity to get your perfect job! Let us help you find it.

Increase your visibility by having us put your resume on a variety of job sites/boards.  Boost your chances of getting interviews by applying to a variety of available positions that best match your skills and talents.  Choose among companies, benefits, and locations with our job search assistance service!

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