Effective Networking with Resume Writing ServiceWithout building professional network your chances in hiring process decrease with each year. Social communication reflects not only on the first step of career development, it finds its impact everywhere: during negotiations, interviewing and routine contact with your boss and customers. Just when you’re applying for a job, first impression plays more dramatic role: on how you can build relationships and hold yourself depend employer’s interest to you. Resume Writing Service has already coached a great deal of customers on how to behave during the interview and what situations to expect. But professional networking covers much wider range of relationship types, than a job interview, that’s why our professional coachers found it important for job-seekers to emphasize some key aspects in creating a good first impression during networking.

Resume Writing Service defines key factors of vivid impression

  • occasional dressing

Always consider your suit and give yourself a trouble to wake up earlier to do some ironing, grooming and put in order your bag and documents. It’s inacceptable for women to have bright make-up and flashy jewelling: in official quarters it’s better to be modest than overdo such questions. The same refers to the hairstyle and manicure.

  • assertiveness

Modern aggressive business world prefers confident leaders with excellent manners. Believe in yourself and then your shoulders will straiten themselves, your back will be strait, your voice steady and you won’t avoid eye contact. Even if your opinion didn’t find supporters, that’s not a reason to be silent or contradict yourself in order to please people at the top. Personal ground is always in value.

  • listening

Being a good listener is a greater art than being a good speaker. To leave good impression you should address to your interlocutor by name, avoid controversial topics, speak on the themes that will be interesting to your listener and have a good sense of humor. To become a brilliant listener a person needs to have a very good insight of common mood and a special feeling when it’s about time to change the topic. Professional encounters aren’t as rigid as they may seem: there is always a place for a good joke, but it should be good not only from your point of view.


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