target skillsThe overall design of your resume serves several important purposes. The first of these is to make an impression on potential employers. The second purpose is to demonstrate your skills and abilities for the position. This is why applicants must target skills in a specific section of the document. Highlighting these can make you stand out from others interested in the position.

Hiring officials and interviewers look at your entire resume. There are certain sections that attract more attention. The skills section is certainly one of these areas. In the past, resume formats breezed over the applicant’s skills. These documents focused primarily on professional experience entries. Today’s employers, however, are looking for applicants with transferable skills.

These are those that can be essential to any position no matter the field or industry. It is important that you pick out the skills to list on your resume. They need to relate to the job that you are applying for. Reading over the position description can help you here. It is also critical that you use words that present your strengths in your field of expertise. Targeting the reader allows you to get the most usage out of your skills choices.

Remember Soft Target Skills

Soft skills are often times referred to as those that transfer. Administrative tasks, such as, computer entry fit into this category. These are important for applicants across the spectrum in a specific industry. Although these may be assumed in some instances, it is important to remember them in your LinkedIn and resume. They should be sprinkled throughout the skills section.

Direct at Hard Skills

Hard skills are those that are a bit more focused. They pointed directly to a particular position or field. Management, analysis and presentation skills are included here. These skills should take top billing in the skills segment of the resume. This is especially critical when you are applying for a position in the executive level of a company.

Professional services are extremely helpful when it comes to applicant documents. These services are performed by writers who know how best to use descriptive words. This sort of assistance takes the hassle out of designing your own resume.

You will be certain that your skills, experience and abilities are being showcased properly!

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