An executive portfolio may just be simple documents but it can totally decide your future. Poorly written executive portfolio can apparently disinterest hiring managers thus leading to junking your desire of an interview. On the other hand, professionally done and impressive portfolio can totally get you that interview schedule you’ve always wanted.

However, executive portfolio doesn’t need to be full of flowery words as it should be properly constructed and well done. With the competitive market nowadays, there’s no room for bad executive portfolios.

What Should Be in an Executive Portfolio?

Many jobseekers failed to impress hiring managers because they don’t know what to prepare. Actually, not all executive portfolios must have the same content as it widely differs depending on the skills, experiences and accomplishments of the executive.

However, you should prepare the following contents in your executive portfolio:

  • Focused resume of about two pages
  • Accomplishments page of no more than two pages
  • Cover letter
  • Letter of Introduction from the recruiter
  • A page for your References
  • A full biography
  • A summarized biography
  • A page of executive resume that includes your related qualifications
  • A mini profile of your previous publications or presentations
  • A sample of your business plans if applicable.

What You Should not Do?

In an executive portfolio, it looks like you are putting yourself in the set of documents. It includes your ideas and your plans. So, don’t just open it to anybody. It is important to know when you should open your portfolio and to whom.

You should not reveal every detail to the hiring managers at one glimpse. Although, you can pretty much provide the point of your plans, leave the key component to yourself and let them discover the enigma when they hire you.

In selling yourself to the employer, don’t lie. Your executive portfolio should be as honest as possible even if it includes your weaknesses. Lying in your portfolio can create a great drawback in the future that may cost not only your career but your integrity as well.

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