Tips on Informational Interview From Resume Writing ServiceActive job-seekers don’t miss the opportunity to visit an informational interview, because they know that such event will provide them with crucial and up-to-date information about their field and desired position, moreover, it can finish with a job offer for them. If you have never faced with this term before, Resume Writing Service is about to explain you some key points of informational interviewing to help you to become a competitive job-seeker.

Resume Writing Service shares some experience in informational interviewing

  • Participants

Usually informational interview is conducted with a person working in your field, who has rich experience and is eager to share it with a recent graduate, career changer or anybody else, who wants to get more information about the field, occupation or get useful hints. These professionals in most cases are enthusiasts devoted to their work and they will be really glad to advise freshmen. Sometimes interviewee can be employer and other person, who has hiring power.

  • Aim

Informational interview is a broaden version of professional networking and is aimed to get you acquainted with a new position, responsibilities and assignments you can face in future. It is a chance for a job-seeker to see the job on the inside and to make decision, whether it meets his expectations. For employed workers informational interviewing is an opportunity to share trade ideas with more experienced professional and to know how working in another company looks like.

  • Process

Initiator of informational interview is a job-seeker, that’s why the person who will be invited depends completely on the interviewer. (On the informational interview job-seeker asks questions and is an interviewer and employer or other expert is an interviewee). Firstly you prepare a contact list. This list includes all the interesting for interviewer candidates. Then introductory letter is sent to all potential contacts. This letter has to provide a good background why the job-seeker wants to conduct the interview, some information about personality of further interviewee and also notion where he has found out about interviewee and his occupation. This letter should be very kind and modest and look more like “would you be interested”: don’t attempt to arrange the interview with one mail.


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