Resume Writing Service prepares you for informational interviewIf you made decision to improve your employment chances, get prepared for a new career pass, determine for yourself further career responsibilities and goals, and take a glance on the interested for you position from within: that means that you’re going to arrange an informational interview! To start this process’ implementation you need to write a letter of intent in the first place. This introductory letter is very similar to a cover letter, and Resume Writing Service, as a recognized expert in cover letter writing, explains you the structure of such a letter, and you can be sure that our tips from professional resume writers and former recruiters won’t let you down.

Resume Writing Service explains how to deal with introductory letter writing.

  • Introduction
    Briefly tell desired interviewee about yourself: what is your current occupation, name some key points of your educational background (main achievements will be very useful here) and your interests (mention projects, you’re working on and professional areas that inspire you).
  • The reason
    In the second paragraph you should explain, why you’re applying to this person. Mention, where you found out about him, what makes you adore him and provide some information about the company he’s working for.
  • Common ideas
    Find some points that you have in common with the interviewer. These points of contact usually are concentrated around your professional goals and perspective projects. You should underline that experience and skills that your letter receiver possesses and show your appreciation and admiration of them. You should convince your interviewer that he is the one, who can help you.
  • Intention
    Now it’s high time to disclose your intentions and write what you expect to hear from the interviewer, what kind of advice and to what area it can be referred to.
  • See you!
    In a closing paragraph you should say when you’ll get in touch with this person. Arranging an interview and providing convenient for you time here is a sign of bad manners. Give your potential interlocutor some time for consideration and follow up him within 3-4 days.

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