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Nursing Student Resume Sample


How to Write a Nursing Student Resume

The student nurse resume is a document containing the student’s skills, experience and training to date. Many nursing students like to get a jump on the job application process before graduation. The resume for nursing that a student writes will depend to a certain extent on the type of program the student is enrolled in as well as the pathway they have taken while working towards their nursing degree. An individual writing a graduate nurse resume is creating a student resume but may well have more skills, experience and training than many RNs if they chose to work before entering the graduate program. Another individual enrolled in the same program also writing a nursing graduate resume may have no experience outside of that gained through their school. However certain basic elements of the resume for nursing student nurses write will be consistent regardless of the academic level of the student. The following is one way to structure a student nurse resume:

  • Name and contact information.
  • Objective statement: In a nursing student resume the objective statement should inform the reader that the applicant is still a student. Describe the type of position you are seeking and display some enthusiasm.
  • Skills: The location of the skills section depends on the skill set you have and the position you are applying for. Graduate level students or students who have worked in the medical field previously may have enough skills relevant to the position to warrant placing the skills section here. Somebody with no experience at all may want to put their formal qualifications and certifications here. There are skills that can be gained through certification prior to graduation.
  • Formal qualifications and certifications: Provide information on the program you are enrolled in and projected graduation date. If you are a graduate student list other degrees. You wouldn’t include high school unless you are a recent high school grad. List any relevant certifications you have already completed.
  • Employment history: List any previous nursing employment if you have any. If not list previous jobs held. If you worked a job where you developed relevant transferable skills focus on those.

The best for students with no working experience anywhere is to focus on their performance in nursing school. Resume focus for those with work experience but not in nursing, like, say, bus driver resume can focus on transferable skills and school performance. Graduate program students could focus on skills, research and academic performance.

When writing your resume, systematically address the following issues in the appropriate parts of your resume:

[blue_block type=”1″ title=”Objective”]Your career aspirations, “why you want the job”, which explains how your job application fits your career path.[/blue_block]
[blue_block type=”2″ title=”Skills/Achievements”]This part of your resume needs to be extremely clearly defined, matching employer needs and showing superior levels of expertise, productivity, and experience.[/blue_block]
[blue_block type=”3″ title=”Education”]Be sure to show appropriate licenses, certifications, qualifications and other credentials, preferably in list form.[/blue_block]
[blue_block type=”1″ title=”Work history”]Use examples from your work history which are clearly relevant to the job requirements. Cite specific systems work, for example, to show your skills and experience.[/blue_block]

Nursing Student Resume Checklist

After completing your resume you should go through it thoroughly to ensure there are no mistakes and that you have included everything you planned to. Use a checklist as you go through the resume. The following is an example of a checklist you might use for a quick proofread but for the best results, a more comprehensive checklist should be used:

  • Is the overall appearance of your resume pleasing and neat and does it look professional?
  • Is the length limited to one page?
  • Is the most important information highlighted?
  • Is the resume free of errors and typos?

It could take some time to work your way through a full checklist, but once completed you will know you have put your best effort into your resume. Nursing student resumes also provide you with the opportunity to hone your resume writing skills. Check this RN resume as your guide!

nursing student resume structure

Nursing Student Employment Facts and Stats

According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), 111,634 students graduated from baccalaureate nursing programs in 2014. That included 63,857 students from entry-level programs and 47,777 students from baccalaureate degree completion programs. A total of 33,250 students graduated from master’s programs in nursing, 743 from research-focused doctorate programs and 3,065 from practice-focused doctorate programs. The number of students enrolled in baccalaureate nursing programs, masters nursing programs and DNP programs increased in all programs and that trend is expected to continue.

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