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Nurse Manager Resume Sample


How to Write a Nurse Manager Resume

The nurse coordinator resumeor as it is more commonly referred to, the nurse manager resume is one of the keys to landing a nurse manager position. A good resume will present your skills, training and experience in an effective manner so that your qualifications relevant to the position being applied for are highlighted and brought to the employer’s attention. The format for nursing manager resumes is usually the same as that for a RN. You can look at nursing resume examples online to see the different ways they are typically formatted. A common method for organizing a resume for nurses that is effective for nurse managers also is shown here:

  • Name and contact information
  • Objective statement: This should be two to three sentences that describe what you are looking for in a position. You can include some keywords here relevant to the job you are applying for. It serves as a “teaser” and is intended to make a prospective employer look more closely at your resume.
  • Skills: Here you will outline some of your key skills and abilities with a focus on those relevant to the position you are applying for. The skills you include here will depend on the job criteria of the position. Those that are relevant should be included using a bullet list to make them stand out
  • Formal qualifications and certifications: Provide the school name, date graduated, and degree received for any degrees you have. Nurse Managers will usually have at least a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Many will also have a Master’s of Science in Nursing Administration. Provide the details of your nursing license including the state/states you are licensed in and the date that your license became valid. Any other certifications you have earned that are relevant should be included as well.
  • Employment history: List all previous nursing employment beginning with the most recent, and a summary of what your duties were in each job.

A registered nurse resume sample can be useful when writing the resume. It can serve as a sort of manager nursing resume template that you can follow. Work your way through each section of your resume using the sample as a guide and the job description and criteria of the position you are targeting as a source for keywords and skills to focus on.

Review this nursing assistant resume and use it as your guide!

When writing your resume, systematically address the following issues in the appropriate parts of your resume:

[blue_block type=”1″ title=”Objective”]Your career aspirations, “why you want the job”, which explains how your job application fits your career path.[/blue_block]
[blue_block type=”2″ title=”Skills/Achievements”]This part of your resume needs to be extremely clearly defined, matching employer needs and showing superior levels of expertise, productivity, and experience.[/blue_block]
[blue_block type=”3″ title=”Education”]Be sure to show appropriate licenses, certifications, qualifications and other credentials, preferably in list form.[/blue_block]
[blue_block type=”1″ title=”Work history”]Use examples from your work history which are clearly relevant to the job requirements. Cite specific systems work, for example, to show your skills and experience.[/blue_block]

Nurse Manager Resume Checklist

After writing your resume for Nurse Manager, take some time to proofread it and ensure it is exactly as you want it. By the way, we provide great samples and tips for other resume types, like a biologist or professional development resumeA checklist like the one shown here will be useful as you go through the proofreading process:

  • Is the resume neat with a pleasing appearance?
  • Does the resume have a good balance of white space and text?
  • Does the resume use bullet lists and avoid paragraphs?
  • Does the resume highlight all of the most important information using techniques such as bold text or underlining?
  • Is your overall goal or objective statement supported by the information you provided?
  • Is the resume written in the format that will most effectively show off your abilities?
  • Does the resume focus on specific skills and abilities you have that match the job description?
  • Is the resume free of errors and typos?

Your final proofread resume should look professional and highlight your qualifications for the position so the reader’s eyes will be drawn to them immediately.

Nurse Manager Employment Facts and Stats

The Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook groups Nurse Managers with other medical and health services managers, rather than separately. In the U.S. there are about 333,000 jobs in medical and health services management and the median salary is $92,810 per year or $44.62 per hour. Employment of medical and health services managers is projected to grow 17 percent over the next 10 years which is faster than the average for all occupations.

We also offer you to have a look at our remarkable nursing department head resume sample to get some fresh ideas!

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