How does Applicant Tracking Software work?

Many of the big job hunting sites have many thousands of resumes and many companies receive hundreds of applications for each advertised position. If the recruiter wants to find the most relevant resumes from these to actually review personally and to invite for an interview then they will use applicant tracking software that will provide them with an initial review and only pass on the specific resumes that meet their expectations. The software will parse resume information by categorizing the content of the resume so that it can identify things such as skills and qualifications and then it will check these against the specific keywords for CV content that the recruiter is looking for. If the keywords within your resume match what the recruiter has asked the software to check for then you may find that your resume will be passed to the next stage. This software can assign weightings or scores to different keywords so that the recruiter can select the best qualified for what they need. When the software parse resume content it will provide a score and then only pass on those that have passed a minimum threshold.
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How to ensure that your resume is selected by the Applicant Tracking System

When the software will parse resume content it will rank highly only those resumes that contain the specific keywords that the recruiter has specified. So if your resume does not contain those keywords, even if you are perfectly qualified and suited to the position, you will not get through to the next stage. The following tips will help you to ensure that you get selected when the system will parse resume sections:

  • Review the job advert for the specific job and other similar positions to identify the specific keywords that the recruiters are looking for.
  • Look at online profiles and resumes to see what other applicants are using as keywords.
  • Put the keywords within the relevant sections of your resume so that the software will see them; use normal section headings such as qualifications, experience, skills and education so that the software is not confused.
  • Upload a text version of your resume or Word document rather than a PDF as many software programs will have difficulty reading a PDF.
  • Avoid all forms of unnecessary formatting and fancy script fonts.
  • Use acronyms for your keywords as well as spelling them out fully.

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