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Just what are resume buzzwords?

Buzzwords or keywords in resume writing are the specific words or phrases that the recruiter will be looking for within your resume. Or more likely the specific resume buzzwords that a piece of software called an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) will be looking for. Recruiters use this software to search through resumes on online job hunting sites, sites like LinkedIn and even resumes delivered direct to them electronically so that they only have to look at the most relevant resumes. So if you do not use the correct resume buzzwords when you write your resume you are not going to get over the first hurdle and your resume will never get seen.

What resume buzzwords do you need in your resume?

Keywords for resume writing are different for each and every industry and job type that you apply for. So you will have to understand exactly what a recruiter will be asking the software to search for if you are going to get put forward for an interview. Typically these resume keywords will be related to all of the following areas:

  • Your job title: so if your previous job title was “Excellence Manager” but everyone is searching for a “Quality Manager” ensure that you use the term “Quality Manager” within your resume.
  • Skills that are relevant to the position that you are applying for: so for instance for a Quality Manager they may be searching for “Internal Auditing to ISO9001”.
  • Specific qualifications that they may be searching for such as “Lead Auditor”.
  • Software that they may expect to see being used such as “ANOVA”
  • Education, they may be looking for an “MBA”

As you can see you will need to identify all of the specific keywords that may be relevant to your application and then ensure that those resume buzzwords are all included within your resume.

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Where can you find a list of resume buzzwords?

Because every job is different as is every industry you will probably need to develop your own very specific list of keywords that the recruiters may be searching for. There are several different ways that you can approach this:

  • Use the Google Keyword Tool: this search tool allows you to see related terms to specific qualifications and job titles that people also search for.
  • Look at the job adverts: these will show you precisely what skills and qualifications recruiters are looking for. By combining several adverts together as one document and then placing into tools such as ToCloud or Wordle you can see a tag cloud that will highlight the most used words and phrases within those adverts; these are your resume buzzwords.
  • Look at what other people are using within their resumes and profiles: looking at profiles that are in your targeted job area you can see what buzzwords and keywords other people are using.

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