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Roger Hogan, Professional Resume Writer/Job Interview Coach

Resume Writer Roger HoganPeter Hogan, a former HR manager, is ready to share his knowledge with you! He is a professional Resume and CV writer who knows what a winning resume should be like. Having worked for several years as HR manager he can write a perfect resume that will catch any employer’s attention. Roger will turn all your weaknesses into strong points and will turn you into a desirable worker for any company!

He likes communicating to his clients and you can contact Roger with any questions you may have. He is our interview coach and you will get lots of useful tips from him. He has interviewed hundreds of people and now he is ready to make a winning strategy personally for you! If you are not sure what exactly position attracts you the most, Peter can consult you with this problem! He will show you reveal all your potential and reach your career goals.

Peter Hogan is an ideal assistant if you want to be successful in job searching. His commitment and individual approach to every client make him an ideal resume writer and interview coach!

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