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Get Your Best Resume for Administrative Assistant Here

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A resume for an executive assistant needs to deliver a lot of information, in a highly competitive employment environment. It’s worth taking the time to make sure that your resume and cover letter are as good as possible in this very tough job market.

Basic Executive Administrative Assistant Resume

Typical scenarios you need to consider when writing a resume for an executive assistant may include:

  • Making an application without a prior invitation or advertisement: This is cold calling, to some extent. You need to research the company and offer them a range of services and skills. You should contact the company directly, express your interest, describe your experience, and hopefully get an invitation to submit your resume.
  • Applying for a temporary executive assistant position: This type of executive assistant role covers a broad spectrum of possible options for executive assistants, including temp jobs, project work, or internships. Your resume and the executive assistant cover letter will be required to target and address the specific requirements of the different roles in detail.
  • Responding to a job ad: When writing a resume for an advertised job, please be aware that you must address all stated job criteria, and write a targeted resume, as distinct from the other, less formal types of resume listed above.


Managing Your Information on Executive Assistant Resumes

The quality of information is critical when writing a competitive resume. A good cover letter act as support for your resume information, expanding and developing your skills and areas of expertise. If you’re a bit strict and set high standards for the information on your resume, you’ll not only write a better resume, you’ll be that much more competitive.

Information is a major issue for executive assistants, mainly because of the nature of the job. As an executive assistant, you’re expected to be a self-starter, highly competent, and you’re responsible for, managing business for high-level executives. Your resume and cover letter should address all your areas of expertise, matching job criteria and clearly showing your strongest skills.

The new generation of cover letters is easy to write and manage and also help you to write a good cover letter. If you explore online examples of executive assistant cover letters, you’ll notice that you can target specific roles very easily.

Important – When writing your resume and cover letter, please note that the type of experience and skills you have as an executive assistant are major issues when writing your resume and cover letter. It’s a good idea to research the job role, the company and the senior executives of the company to have a clear idea of the work involved as an executive assistant. We have a list of executive resume samples 2015, which you can read with the aim to get best results.

The best way to manage your information is to systematically refer to each aspect of the executive assistant role. Use it as a “checklist” to manage your information and make sure you don’t leave anything out.

This is the easy way to write your resume:

  • Use a basic resume layout, preferably a functional resume.
  • Do each section carefully, addressing the job requirements, for example showing all the required skills in the skills section, using the same keywords in your employment history, etc.
  • Emphasize strong skills in your Achievements section. Double check to make sure you’ve included all the core requirements and as many “desirable” skills as possible.

executive administrative assistant resume

Cover Letter Writing

Very important – Your cover letter must be written according to the nature of the role for which you’re applying. Executive assistant jobs can cover a truly huge range of duties and if you’re applying for a senior role, the degree of difficulty increases.

Best practice when writing cover letters is to stick to very clear, very straightforward information. All you need to do is ensure that you’re adequately and appropriately covering the critical points.

The tricky bit, in fact, is ensuring that your information is competitive and will get you an interview. The good news is that it’s considerably easier than it looks to write a good cover letter.

  • Achievements and a strong track record in the executive assistant role are the best elements in a competitive cover letter.
  • Explain and describe your previous experience, relevant qualifications, and show obvious expertise in relation to the position. (You can see why researching the job is so important.)
  • Be meticulous in preparation and be sure that your resume is a truly excellent match for the position.

Here Are Tips to Format Your Resume

  1. You can start by highlighting your objective says the resume writing firm. You can mention about your career goals to make sure that you can showcase how you could become an asset for the company.
  2. You can then write your work background. You can mention those job experiences that you think are most related to the job you’re applying for. You can write about those professional experiences that will help you be recognized by the employer as a perfect fit for the job.
  3. You should write your skills such as planning for production, performing all production chores, working on various applications needed for production, and so much more.
  4. In the production assistant resume, you can also mention about your qualifications and education which are related to the media arts, video production, and others.

These are only quick tips you may consider in writing your resume. Otherwise, you can hire a CV writing service to help you write an astounding resume. They can help you when it comes to crafting a winning resume that will impress your potential employer.

write my administrative assistant resumeWant Some Professional Help?

If you haven’t done a resume or cover letter for a while, it may be a good idea to get some professional help. You want to be sure that your application is competitive, and if you haven’t done a resume in a couple of years, it’s out of date, and needs to be upgraded, anyway.

You’ll find that engaging professional resume writers to help you have a few instant benefits:

  1. You can talk to someone who can explain the issues
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  3. Professional resume writers are trained to write competitively.
  4. You can discuss your resume and cover issues, and get some expert input about how to write a successful job application.
  5. For a few bucks, you save yourself the time, frustrations, doubt and worry about writing your resume.
  6. You will definitely learn a lot about the new resume styles, and upgrade your own skills and understanding in the process.

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How Our High Quality Administrative Assistant Resume Writing Service Work

Step one: submit your order

Visit our company website to learn more about our administrative assistant resume writing and editing services and to decide on the service that you need. Submit the necessary information that will let us know more about document and let us know what you need done by. Make sure that you let us know when you need your document delivered to your inbox so we can meet your deadline.

Step two: process your payment

Submit with your payment and feel confident knowing that you are submitting your information through our secure payment processing system. We are committed to keeping all of your information safe and private whenever you use our administrative assistant resume writing company.

Step three: evaluating your project

Our team of professionals will evaluate your request and determine who the best professional is to work on your administrative assistant resume writing project. We will pair you with a professional writer with the kind of experience and background you are looking for.

Step four: draft evaluation

Wait for your writer to submit your first draft of your administrative assistant resume to your inbox. Take the time to look over your document and make any changes you feel necessary and ask for changes that you need for your administrative assistant resume to be perfect. We will make as many changes as necessary until your document is complete.

Step five: completed administrative assistant resume

After your draft has been approved our administrative assistant resume writing company will look over your document and make sure it is completely edited and proofread and then we will submit the final draft to your inbox before your requested deadline. Then the only thing you have left to do is to enjoy your professionally written document!

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