If you’ve been worrying about your resume, you’re probably right. The truth is that most resumes aren’t anywhere near as good as they ought to be, or could be. One of the main reasons for this problem is that people aren’t really trained very well in writing resumes. The other primary reason is that people don’t know how to write current generation resumes.

Professional resume writers are the people who have to tidy up and modernise their clients’ resumes. We have a few tips from those professionals regarding the easy way to improve resume performance and make your resume rock.

Kickstarting your resume, basicsa successful cv

Let’s go through the core elements of a resume:

  • Objectives: Define your objectives in the most positive terms. This not only looks good, it’s a healthy expression of your aspirations and will have more impact than the usual dry “careerist” clichés.
  • Professional achievements: It’s important to express your achievements and accomplishments in context with your work history and experience. Provide professional performance indicators, preferably with metrics and numbers to back up your achievements.
  • Skills, education, and knowledge: It’s no coincidence that all job advertisements refer to skills requirements. Skills, education, and knowledge are hard currency in all professions. Your skills are your high value assets on your job application. How you express your skills is critically important. You need to put considerable effort in to upgrading and improving your information in this section.
  • Awards, kudos, and professional credentials:  Most people make the mistake of thinking of these elements in their careers as rather superficial. As a matter of fact, these are much more than trophies. They form a practical and interesting record of your successful career. Membership of a professional association, for example, is a very positive inclusion in your resume.

Expressing yourself effectively in your resume

Most HR experts believe that clichés and tired expressions are very negative elements in any resume. They’re certainly not the most interesting things to read, and if repeated, can turn even a good resume into a pretty tedious document.

professional resume writersBetter expression leads to a better resume. Consider an expression like “Managed sales team”. Now consider an alternative expression – “Managed leading sales team, generating $5 million revenue above target in the 2014 financial year.”

Professional resume writers will tell you that this expression is also chapter and verse in best practice resume writing, providing measurable information for your readers.

It’s worth noting at this point that the original expression was more than just boring – It was uninformative, and an appalling understatement compared to the second version! Believe it or not, this is quite common. Many people seem to suddenly become very modest when writing their resumes.

When you’re writing a professional resume is arguably the worst of all times to suddenly become modest about your achievements. Be honest, but be fair to yourself, too. Use your achievements as real assets.
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