The classic wisdom about “how to get a job” is to know somebody within a company who can help you get a job. That’s all well and good to a point, but what if you don’t know anybody? The chances are that you will go for more jobs where you don’t know people than jobs where you do know people.

There is another issue with the classic wisdom, too. You simply cannot rely on other people to get jobs for you. It’s not practical, is not safe, and let’s face it; even your best friends can only do so much.

Getting a job without connections

tips on how to get a jobIf you’re wondering how to get a job without connections, you’re definitely not alone. There is an instant solution to this situation – Make your own connections.

There are several ways of doing this, and there is one extremely good reason for making your own connections – Remember that not all jobs are dream jobs. If you make your own connections, you can form your own opinions and make your own judgements about the quality of the job.

If you make a connection with your potential employer’s HR people, and find yourself talking to a hostile, uncommunicative person, you can be pretty sure that they are not advertising a dream job you are searching. If you visit the workplace and find it to be substandard, or unpleasant, ditto. Making your own connections really does make sense, particularly if you don’t know the employer.

Making your connections with the employer

The simplest, quickest, and by far most reliable way of making connection with the employer is to make direct contact with the company HR or job contact person. The big advantage of making this contact is that you can ask questions, and you can also start developing an opinion regarding the employer.head_hunting

Try to arrange for a workplace visit, unless the contact person considers that the visit would be inappropriate or is unable to schedule visit for you. A workplace visit is a very valuable experience. You get to see firsthand the job, meet some of the people, and you also prove that you are genuinely interested in the position. Many HR people and employers are less than enthusiastic about people who are just going through the motions when they apply for a job. If you show up on site and show that you are interested, they will be far more interested in you as a potential employee.

Another very good way of making connections is with a really well laid out resume. This is an indirect approach, but the connection in this case is that you have shown that you’ve taken considerable time and effort to make your application. Your application will definitely look better than the average written resume, and be far more competitive.
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For more information about getting a job without connections, please see the following link. You’ll be surprised at some of the methods used to develop connections with employers, and you’ll be fascinated by the result.

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