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Jillian, Senior Resume Writer

For me, this is the heart of the resume writing process – we aren’t just putting facts and figures, phrases and sentences, timelines and contact info together in a document! We are telling a story in such a way as to capture someone’s attention. We want to tell a story that is interesting, clear, descriptive, as well as comprehensive with all of the necessary facts and figures.

Art teacher resume basics

Please note that this article relates to the basic principles of creating an Art teacher resume. There are multiple variants and multiple issues related to individual resumes depending on qualifications, experience, and expertise.

  • Mandatory information – Mandatory information may include licenses, certifications, systems certifications, materials certifications, and other documentation. Be sure that your resume contains all the required information.
  • Qualifications and experience – Art teaching qualifications may include a true menagerie of skills and certifications. The big issue for the resume is to show that your qualifications and experience meet the needs of the role.

When writing your resume, systematically address the following issues in the appropriate parts of your resume:


Your career aspirations, “why you want the job”, which explains how your job application fits your career path.


This part of your resume needs to be extremely clearly defined, matching employer needs and showing superior levels of expertise, productivity, and experience.


Be sure to show appropriate licenses, certifications, qualifications and other credentials, preferably in list form.

Work history

Use examples from your work history which are clearly relevant to the job requirements. Cite specific systems work, for example, to show your skills and experience.

Resume formatting

For an Art teacher resume, the functional resume format is truly the best resume format, allowing a lot of flexibility and easy to edit. This is the basic format:

  • Heading – Name, phone number, email, and address.
  • Personal profile/ summary/ objective – This section is your introduction, describing your career, achievements and your work.
  • Skills – This section is critically important, and can be a major space management issue. You need to show your skills in context with the requirements of the job, but you may also need to show additional areas of expertise, like media, etc. Use a flexible layout to show all your skills and manage space effectively.
  • Qualifications and required documentation – List your qualifications, certifications, and additions documents like licenses as required by the job. (If you need more space on your resume, create a separate heading for licenses, certifications, or whatever’s using up the space in your qualifications section.)
  • Employment history – For experienced Art teachers, you may need to “edit” your work history to fit in all the required experience. For newly qualified art teachers, focus on academic achievements in the required subjects.

Managing your resume

The good news for Art teachers it that the functional resume format makes it easy to edit and manage your resume information.

To create a good, effective Art teacher resume as well as a substitute teacher resume the two core areas are also your best areas to show your skills:

  • Skills – This part of your resume is ideal for showing high level skills and abilities. You can use specific skills to show your suitability for the jobs.
  • Experience – This is a true bottom line area. Schools want people who can prove they can do the work and have the knowledge and skills to self-manage their roles. Focus on practical values.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has many articles on Art teaching at all levels which you can use for reference:

According to the BLS, anticipated job growth for teachers in the US in the next decade is 6%, or 52,900, for the years 2012 – 2022. Median pay is $55, 050, based on average pay and distribution of art teaching positions at high school level.

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