Many people go into an interview thinking that they already have the job; nothing could be further from the truth. Depending on the company and the position you could be up against 2 or three other candidates or potentially several; if you do not perform better than those other candidates then you will fail to gain that position. This is why you need to get as many interview preparation tips as you can to help you get through that interview well. The following section will run through some of our job interview tips; these tips for a job interview will help ensure that you go into your interview prepared.

Our Job interview tips

These simple job interview preparation tips will help you get closer to your goal of landing that new job or promotion.

  • Prepare (leave nothing to chance)
  • Dress appropriately for the interview
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before the interview
  • Bring a pen and notebook
  • Bring additional copies of your resume and any other supporting documents that you may need
  • Use the interviewer’s last name and title unless invited to use their first name
  • Shake hands firmly and maintain eye contact
  • Don’t tell Jokes
  • Refrain from talking too much or too fast
  • Be positive about previous jobs; don’t talk about poor bosses, colleagues or working practices
  • Prepare for all of the likely questions (Strengths, weaknesses, why you are leaving your last job, etc.)
  • Research the company you are being interviewed by
  • Stick to the truth
  • Ask questions about the job and the company
  • Avoid salary discussions if not bought up by the interviewer
  • Follow up on your interview
  • Most importantly

Use our interview coaching service to fully prepare yourself

This is a fairly comprehensive interview preparation checklist and one that our interview coaching experts will be able to help you with. Our coaching interview tips will cover all of these points as well as many other details that could spell the difference between success or failure at your interview.

Why select our service for your job interview tips?

This interview preparation guide covers many aspects of what you need to prepare for within your interview. However our highly expert and certified coaches will be able to ensure that you are both aware of what you should do and are practiced and confident in approaching your interview.

Our job interview tips are provided by CPRW&CC certified staff and we also provide you with a full money back satisfaction guarantee. So if you want to fully prepare for your interview get in touch with us and work with the experts to help you get that next position.