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System Administrator Resume Sample

This candidate is ideal for the jobs related to software development and system administration (you can examine the public accounting resume here). With the wide knowledge over software programming and development tasks, the candidate can be an asset to companies who develop software for commercial purpose, and/or work as a vendor solution for system maintenance of big organizations.

The strength of this resume is the description of the knowledge level of the candidate over the subject matter. With high level of academic results, and various skills with computers and programming, the candidate is good enough to apply into almost any job that relates to such technical genre. However, the only weakness in the resume is the vague description of candidate’s work experience. The work experience should have been emphasized more with other information like the duration, employer information, etc.

Overall, strong candidate with dynamic scopes in his systems administrator resume.

Employers that may be interested:

  • Software Development Firm
  • Third Party Vendor Firms for IT Solutions
  • Banks (more specifically, MIS departments of Banks)
  • IT Training Institutes
  • Online Businesses
  • Online Financial Sites (i.e. eBay, Amazon, etc.)
  • Also, based on contracts, the candidate can work as a freelance system developer for organizations.

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