Is there a recipe to get hired fast? Well, yes, if you consider your information a mix of ingredients and the overall impression you make with your resume has the taste. A good resume does deliver food for thought.

A good, interesting, resume also provides useful information and a good “menu”. An employer will get the message of a strong resume which offers more value and better business potentials.

Resume content – Mixing your secret sauceget hired fast

You already have the ingredients for your resume to help you get hired. It’s how you mix the ingredients that matters. A bland mix will, naturally, get a bland response. If you’ve been finding that your resume lacks pizazz and doesn’t get much of a response if any, your mix of ingredients isn’t firing.

You do, therefore, need to rework your mix of information in your resume. This means taking your resume apart and redesigning it. You may have to do it from scratch, but it will be worth it. You’ll be surprised what a few added ingredients can do.

Creating your new resume

The remix of your resume is surprisingly easy. You need these ingredients:

  • Achievements – Define your best achievements. You’ll be surprised, in fact, how easy it is to put together a pretty good set of performance-based credentials you can weave in to your resume at various points.
  • Problem solving – How did you manage problems? Can you show that you’re a good fixer, competent and able to manage real business situations? Does that sound good to you? It will, to an employer.
  • Facing challenges – Are you one of those people who faces challenges every day, deals with them well, and barely even notices you’re doing it? Employers need to know you can do these things! Does your current resume indicate your skills in this area?
  • Your contribution to your employer – This is another issue most people don’t even consider when writing resumes. Consider for a minute what you actually contribute to your workplace. Are you a good team person? A leader? A team builder?

Creating your new “get hired fast” resume

get hiredAs you will have gathered, you already have a “secret sauce” of interesting ingredients for your resume writing. So what’s the problem?

The problem is this – You’re the one who’s keeping it a secret.

If you want to get hired fast, let employers in on the secret!

Now the good news- It’s easy to do. All you need to do is reinvent your resume with a few very basic modifications to your information:

  1. Include your achievements. You can work these in to descriptions of your work and performance quite easily.
  2. Include your full range of skills. Use a functional resume format to create space for you to show your skill sets.
  3. What makes you a good choice? Define challenges, explain your role, and show good business values.
  4. Show your contributions. Show a potential new employer what you can do.

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You’ll get hired, faster than you might expect. For more information on this subject and how to improve your resume, see this link.

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