Resume Writing Service Explains the Purpose of a Letter of Intent

A letter of intent is a very large term considering that the aim and target of the letter varies from employment to purchasing. Resume Writing Service is expert in writing letters of intent for a job; there are also known as cover letters, but our resume writers are also proficient in writing such letters for unpaid positions and gladly share their skills in writing letters of intent.

Non-profit organizations also need material, which coordinates their work and assigns jobs. And if you’re willing to be a member of charity organizations, Resume Writing Service can’t help admiring your wish and helping with writing a letter, which will inform volunteer organizations about your intent and we will depict the advantage of your acceptance only in positive light.

Resume Writing Service Elucidates the Structure of the Letter of Intent

Writing a letter of intent doesn’t differ considerably from composing a cover letter; it should be relevant and brief as well. One of the major discrepancies is stating your schedule, as you can’t work the whole day for free, but let’s have a good look at each writing stage with Resume Writing Service:

  • Open your letter of intent with stating your name and charity organization you’re writing to. Mention your personal and organization’s contact details.
  • Address your letter of intent to the person responsible for hiring and managing volunteer works. Resume Writing Service underlines that by addressing directly to the name will make your letter more appealing, but if you don’t possess this information, “To Whom It May Concern” will be enough.
  • Introduction paragraph should contain the purpose of this letter along with arguments why you want to become a member of this non-profit organization.
  • Tell about your knowledge, skills and experience that can be applicable in terms of volunteer work. Resume Writing Service advises mentioning only relevant information. Be very brief, as this paragraph is not so crucially important as one in a cover letter.
  • Resume writers suggest adding to the closing paragraph the most convenient schedule for volunteer work time for you and giving contact information as an email and telephone number.

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