Writing a TV production resume is difficult because you need to make sure you will include all the necessary details. If you want to stand up and be remembered, then helpful tips in writing a resume is what you need.

TV Production Resume Tips

  • Layout: Take note that the layout is important. You should use readable font, clear paper and out margins.
  • Structure: You should have a heading as well as to include your skills, grades and genres you’ve worked for. What are your prime skills, editing system you’ve used, awards, languages spoken, experience, knowledge and any other skills such as PowerPoint, recording and more.
  • Program credits: List your credit in reverse chronological order.
  • Training and education: List any industry courses like camera, health and safety and educational qualifications.
  • Referees: In all resume, having reference is important so don’t forget about it.
  • In writing resume: Every word on your resume is essential so you should be careful on what you will include. You need to use positive language that clearly defines your skills qualifications and experience. Remember that you should be concise, clear and be confident in selling yourself.

Additionally, be honest is important. You should lie because sooner or later, they will know who you are and what you have. Show what you’ve got and don’t be shy about it. It does not important whether you have superb skills, experience and more. What’s important is that you have what they looking for.

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