As you finished your actuarial education, the next big step for you is to get into practicing what you have learned so far. Writing a perfect actuarial resume or actuarial science resume is your ticket to land on your dream job: to be a professional actuary.

The following article will give you some key important points to consider for an actuarial resume writing.

 How to Write Actuarial Resume

  • Be truthful. Any employer would want an employee who is truthful and transparent on everything about him or herself. Do not include anything that is not necessarily related to your objective and career path.
  • Display your experience. The purpose of your good resume is to help you get the job you worked for and this must reflect on every word you put on your resume. You can start with a brief summary of your qualifications by writing a short paragraph that will express your skills and ability that make you suitable for the position. The next thing to do is list down all your professional experiences as an actuary. Enumerate the duties and responsibilities you did in your previous work and the corresponding date for each title position. If you are a fresh graduate from college and this is supposed to be your first job, you can list down your internship experience.
  • Education. This is the part where you have to list you’re your educational background such as the university where you graduated (with corresponding year), the grade point average, and honors received and other related accomplishments.
  • Skills. If you have other related skills such as computer skills, proficient communication skills and others, do not forget to include them on your actuarial resume.
  • Keep it complete, plain and simple. Keep your actuarial science resume plain and simple with professional look. Also, make sure that you have the complete details needed for a hiring personnel or employer take a second look at your resume. The most important elements of your resume must include personal information, professional experiences and references if needed.

Before submitting your actuarial resume, make sure that someone has read it aside from you. This will ensure that that your document is free from any factual, grammatical or punctuation error possible.

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