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Tips on Writing a LinkedIn RecommendationBeing asked for writing a LinkedIn recommendation will help someone else. You can treat it as an honor from a person who wishes to apply for a job and is asking for your help to write recommendation LinkedIn for him. It will help him land the job he’s pursuing. But, how can you start writing a LinkedIn recommendation? Oftentimes, it’s a problem that you should write one if you don’t know how. For that reason, you should tune into this post to help you find out how to write recommendation LinkedIn.

Writing a Good LinkedIn Recommendation Tips

  1. Talk to the person asking for recommendations so that you can add or edit some information that you can get from him.
  2. You should write not about how good the person is but you’re trying to actually market the person on his LinkedIn recommendation. For that reason, you should be writing a recommendation on LinkedIn that talks why the person is the right candidate for the job. Your Resume Writing Service suggests that you should show proofs on your claims about how good the person is. This way, recruiters will see that this candidate is indeed appropriate to take the job due to his skills.
  3. You should be specific and don’t talk just how great this person is but tell the recruiters about his skills and strengths. In writing recommendations on LinkedIn, you should actually talk about the results that the person has brought in your company.
  4. You should also avoid using fluffs and adjectives which don’t make any sense in your recommendation. In writing recommendations on LinkedIn that works effectively, you should actually focus on the great things that this person has done.
  5. You should also say how you knew this person. You can tell that he is your colleague, contractor, and others. If the person is your relative, then you can also say that. LinkedIn Profile Development is a very important aspect of his job application, so you can consider it a big help that you can do. In writing a LinkedIn recommendation, you should be honest in telling what you knew of this person when it comes to his performance.

Sample of LinkedIn Recommendation

“Ben is a very tireless and dedicated journalist who goes out of his way to make his field assignments impressive. His biggest achievement while working with us was when he exclusively covered the bombings in Afghanistan. Despite the dangers he’s faced, he’s kept his passion and dedication to complete his assignment and deliver the rest of the world the information it needs. Throughout his career as a journalist in our media firm, Ben never failed to impress us because he seemed to have always been charged with energy and enthusiasm for work, no matter how risky being a journalist could be. With all his positive attitude and dedication, I can certainly recommend him to become an asset for your media firm.”

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