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Why a cafe?

Stop by at our Interview Coaching Cafe for a cup of rules and alerts you must know before going to the interview you aim to win. Why a cafe? Because it’s a place where in a friendly chat you get all armed and prepared for the face-to-face meeting and train your talk with the imagined hiring manager.

  • Get rid of fears and nervousity
  • practice interview questions and answers
  • practice at how to give beneficial but concise overview of your career path
  • understand which questions from your side will help you win the job
  • train at turning your possible weaknesses into the strengths
  • receive hints on how to overcome stress
  • benefit from clothing and style suggestions
  • get gestures/eye contact/greetings instructions and many more valuable ideas and many other wonderful pieces of advice

Taste the rules before the actual interview by ordering our Interview Coaching Menu.

  • Every interview is a stress; make it a nice chil out and not a catastrophe.

Ask us. We know how

  • Dress right

Send us the job description. We’ll tell you how.

  • Stand, sit and shake hands in a proper way.

Ask us how. We know.

  • Present your background and education details in the best light and no longer than 3 minutes.

Don’t know how? Ask us.

  • Things that should never be mentioned at the interview.

Ask us now!

  • Sell your weak points as your strong points!

We know how!



  • Let us have and study yourself the job description the interview of which you aim to win. Prepare for no more than 1 interview at a time.
  • Bring us your minuses and weak areas that you noticed during the previous interviews. We’ll turn them 180 degrees into the strong attractive points.
  • Prepare any questions connected to the interview you are to take. And remember the more you ask the better you are prepared.

It’s necessary to remember that the moment you stepped into the room, you are being interviewed even if you’re not asked any questions yet. You’re studied, examined, closely looked at. The way you smile or the fact if you smile at all counts too. Make sure all your clothes is neat and ironed and of light business style and colour.

Hands – oh, much hands do, tell. Ask us about hands, we’ll tell you it all. You must know it, if you’re aiming to get the job.

You think that’s all? Look down. Shoes! Shoes counts too. Ask us! We’ll tell you all about it.

Order our Interview Coaching Menu now. 24 hours before submitting your request you will receive about 20 min call from our dedicative interview coach who will compose a list of suggestions and hints and will email it to you. After this we arrange another call to give final pieces of advice and master you for the interview.

Don’t miss such a chance to be trained, to practice the rights and wrongs with your personal imagionary hiring manager. Give it a go! Get the job of your dream today!


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