Career podcasts have become a staple of the employment market. These podcasts are pretty interesting things, provided by real experts and successful people in the employment industry marketplace.

Choosing the top 5 isn’t easy. There’s a lot of fascinating ideas and thinking in the new employment market. A lot of people are doing things their way, and disruptive tactics are definitely making an impact.

The best podcasts are literally all over the net, now. It’s worth searching and checking out career and resume writing advice in your niche, as well as in general. If you’re in online marketing, social media, or leadership, for example, you can spend some truly worthwhile time on these podcasts.

career podcasts

The top 5

  1. CareerCloud Radio: A new generation, edgy and perceptive take on the new career horizons looming around the world. This podcast is very much about emerging issues. The real big deal about CareerCloud Radio is that it’s all about functional issues in the job market, dealing with practical issues.  The CareerCloud crew are experts on the job, always worth listening to and always useful.
  2. Career Catalyst: This podcast is about the How Tos of career issues. The Career Catalyst format includes On Demand podcasts and iTunes store downloads. The podcasts are aimed at the professional executive market, but have a lot of solid content for job seekers and career-minded individuals looking for new options. Speakers include many well-known experts in their podcast
  3.  Secrets of the Job Hunt podcast: This is a very broad spectrum podcast, very much “something for everyone”. Secrets of the Job Hunt includes some upmarket and core market job hunting materials. Most importantly, these podcasts aren’t stale old rehashes. They’re focused on the modern job market, a must for all in the employment market and HR as well as job seekers.
  4. The Factory (Bright and Associates blog and podcast): Jim Bright is well known in the employment market. He provides a truly broad based range of employment-related information including the best CV writing advises. There’s nothing shallow in the range of Bright’s work, which includes life perspectives and core information about career development. Bright also provides webinars, and a big selection of useful products for people at all stages of their careers.
  5. 48 Days: The top podcast on iTunes, and it’s no trivial stroll through career issues. Quite the opposite; the motto of this podcast is “The best way to predict your future is to create it”. The podcast doesn’t pull any punches in living up to its motto. Each podcast poses a question. Consider how you’d answer a question like “Are you ignorant enough?” Sounds interesting? It is. That’s why this podcast is classed as a real must.

The bottom line about these podcasts is that they chart the thinking of the job market as it happens. This is the thinking that creates the market you’ll be in tomorrow.career_podcasts

If you’d like to find out more about career podcast, also check out this link for more top podcast selections.

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