Use Real Facts In Your Professional Resume

It is vital to provide your potential employer with measurable facts and figures that are fairly easy to evaluate.

Use Real Facts In Your Professional ResumeThis is one of the secrets in professional resume writing that will make you stand out among people of an equal background. The pointers below suggest effective approaches to make your Resume ‘sizzle!’

How many?

  • Were you the top salesperson in your company? To quantify, outline how many contenders you were competing with (you do not need to mention the size if the team was very small).
  • Having earned an incentive package; it could be most effectively stated, “Earned an incentive package for becoming top national salesperson (2006), out of sixty eight contenders.”

How much?

  • “Increased sales significantly” will never be as suitably memorable as “increased profit margin by 50% by generating sales from $100,000 to $300,000.”

How long?

  • Time is money; so, the above will be more effective as “increased profit margin by 50% taking sales from $100,000 to $300,000, within three months.”

For whom?

  • Providing information as to which employer you were working for at the time of your achievement will make it all seem more real to the recipient.

Verifiable statements of quantified achievements will have the target employer reaching for their telephone to schedule you an interview.

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