Employment gaps in resumeEmployment gaps on resume can present a challenge to jobseekers that have not been working for a period of time. Employers want to see work experience on a resume and wonder why there is a period of time where the applicant appears to have been incognito. Some people try to cover an employment gap on resume by simply not mentioning it and writing a functional resume. This approach for work experience gaps in resume writing often makes employers wonder if you have something to hide. The best way to handle resume gaps in employment is to get assistance from the writers we have on staff at our resume writing service.

How we handle employment gaps on resume

Clients who have been out of the workforce for an extended period of time should take a different approach to writing a resume. Gaps in employment should be explained so that employers can determine what you have been doing during this time. For example if you took time off to stay at home with the children, you should state this. Instead of writing a regular resume with an objective stated at the beginning it is best to write a summary paragraph for employment gap in resume in which you discuss any skills you attained while staying at home. We can write this summary for you and highlight your skills for the gaps in employment on resume.

Employment gaps on resume due to the economy

It is very common for jobseekers to have employment gaps on resume due to the downturn in the economy. It is possible that you have been sending out job applications on a weekly basis with no luck. By coming to our resume writing service we can give you useful advice on how to handle the employment gaps in resume. Sample resumes are available to demonstrate the various methods we use to be very creative in describing the reasons for the gaps.

Whatever the reason for gaps in resume, there are some things that apply to all situations:

  • Be honest about the reasons
  • Provide details of what you did in this period
  • Relate the skills you used in the activities you did to the job for which you are applying
  • Tailor each resume to the job description

Let us take care of the employment gaps on resume problem. Come to our resume writing service with your requests today!

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