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Writing a CV with no work experience or qualifications?

First job is similar to the first kiss – connected with different even contradictable feelings, but never forgettable. But everyone has to start with something, that’s why the problem of writing a CV without work experience is common to all students and graduates. There are some tips, given by professional CV writers, which help you to interest the potential employer even when you have nothing to put in the paragraph “work experience”:

  • Highlight your academic achievements

Possessing quality knowledge is fundamental and essential. Try to emphasize that fact that your education is up to all the requirements, name core courses and extra-curricular subjects, which suit best the job you are applying for. If you are one of the best students or have good ability to learn fast, don’t forget to mention this fact in CV and name your average score.

  • Describe your internships and attending courses

Never underestimate even the couple of days of summer internship, conference attendance and participation in competitions or debates! All extra-curricular activities and special courses should be named.

  • Foreign languages – your lucky ticket!

Nowadays high level of more than one language gives you a great advantage, especially if the company, you’re applying to, has foreign investments. When your knowledge is confirmed by international certificates, your professional potential automatically increases greatly.

  • Personal qualities are highly-appreciated

An employer is going to value not only your professional skills, but also the person you are, that’s why participation in voluntary actions or social activity in you alma-mater should be mentioned in your CV.

  • Show your desire

Try to highlight not only your ability, but real desire to work. Assure the employer that you would be happy to work harder than anyone else to prove your abilities. Another variant is to show that you’re interested exactly in this company and approve the company’s policy. Make the employer believe, that offering you a job he makes one’s dream come true.

Whatever you are going to write –be honest! It’s always better to admit the lack of experience, but desire to work, than to boast yourself without real reason.

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