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What To Wear On Interview

What to Wear on Interview Day

What should I wear to an interviewNow that you have been called for an interview your next concern is what to wear on interview day. First impressions are very important and you want to make a great first impression on the interviewing committee. Whether you are interviewing for a job, a seat in graduate or medical school or even for a scholarship or a fellowship, what you wear says a lot about you before you even answer any questions. Resume Writing Service has plenty of tips to help you decide what to wear to an interview. You might not realize it but you have to consider what color to wear to an interview.

Tips for choosing what to wear on interview day

Clothes and colors are important considerations and you should carefully consider what to wear for a job interview. When there are a lot of applicants called for an interview, you might well be remembered by what you wore. There are different tips to keep in mind for men and women going to an interview.

What to wear to an interview – Women

  • Wear jewellery. The jewelry shouldn’t be showy – just enhancing so that the interviewers will remember you. A brooch is a very suitable piece of jewelry or a nice necklace that enhances the appearance of the rest of your outfit.
  • Shoes should be comfortable and stylish. Try for something different. High heels are fine as long as you are able to walk well in them.
  • Dress in a casual dressy style suitable for working in an office setting.

What to wear to an interview – Men

  • The type of interview you are attending will dictate whether you should wear a suit or dress casually. Even if you are interviewing for a construction position you should make sure you are neat and tidy.
  • Men can also wear jewelry that stands out. The interviewers will remember the person with the great watch or the chain.
  • Man should pay attention how clean their shoes are and make sure that shoes don’t revert additional attention.

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Colors to choose when you wonder what to wear on interview day

There is no specific answer to the question about what color to wear to an interview. It is important that the colors you choose match and accentuate your facial coloring. Women should not wear too much make-up. When you ask “What should I wear to an interview?” think about what you notice about well-dressed people you encounter in various settings.

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