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What lenght should a typical CV be in Australia?

For a long time such terms in Australia as “CV” and “resume” meant different things and their supposed length differed also: CV could take more than 3 pages, when resume could be gone into one. Contemporary business language turned these terms into equal, but in the Australian market it became more usual to use “resume”.

Comparing with the other English-spoken countries, Australian employers expect to receive higher number of pages. Generally, they consider one-page resumes uninformative and those that cannot fully represent professional qualities and don’t give clear picture of past experience and skills. Statistic indicates that over 82% of employers prefer a resume of 3 to 4 pages in length. The average CV length is two-to-four page, but it also depends on the official position. Such tendency can be observed also in other countries. With the growth of position, you’re applying for, grows the quantity of pages. For senior roles it can measure up to 6 pages.

The common structure of resume remains the same: education, work experience, professional skills and personal qualities. Australian companies pay great attention to your professional experience and the tasks you’ll be ready to cope with, that’s why this paragraph should take the major part of your resume. At the same time information connected with education isn’t so valuable, that’s why Australian CV writers have to name briefly, but including degrees, institutions they had graduated in reverse chronological order.

Professional CV writing needs converting your professional experience so that it will be understandable in an Australian context. Try to find equal Australian assessment of our qualifications. In the light of this, it’s better to have international certificates not only of your professional degree, but also of courses you’ve attended. Not out of place will be giving links in Internet of the companies you’ve worked before because they can be unknown in this continent.

Won’t be surprised, if your future employer asks you to give information about your date of birth, marital status, race or religion. Such requests are rare, but still can be met, so add such information in your CV only if it is mentioned in requirements.

No doubt, applying for a job in an Australian company is a new step in your professional growth and let it be successful and full of new opportunities!

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