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What Do You Write For Work Experience When You Have None?

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Many people having no working experience write good resumes and do get their first jobs. I hope this article mainly applies to the colleague graduates, though I personally stick to the opinion that to apply for the first job after the university graduation is already too late. For me, a professional Recruiter, experience is above all and I suggest to all students start working at school or no later than the second year in the university.

So when you have no work experience your resume should be no longer than one page.
Start your profile with the name and contact details and move to a line describing why you want this very position and how the company can benefit from hiring you and not somebody else.
Proceed with a bulletin list of your skills and strong areas of your personality.

Include communication and writing skills, computer related skills, attitude skills, etc.
[ad-4277033]The center of your resume should be your education. If you had a high score in university, include it to your CV. Follow the education section with all trainings, internships and practical classes that you participated in.

If you were taking part in speech contests, or gained any awards while studying in the university it also must be reflected on your profile.
Don’t forget to mention your proficiency in foreign languages if any.

Hobby section would be a nice supplement to your resume in order to let the Recruiter or Hiring Manager get some idea of your personality and likes.
Also, if you apply for some office position and previously had only waiter kind of jobs, you can get much out of this experience including professional references from your Supervisors and laying out how this job helped you to become organized, helped to sharpen your communication skills with different kind of people attitudes and use your foreign languages knowledge.
The point is mainly to turn any kind of experience you had or any strong points of yours into the statements on your resume that will help you to get that job.
Don’t know how? We are here to not only help you get that first job, but also to remain successful in it. Maybe Kevin’s post on how to do your 1st resume will also help.
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