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The Way Recruiter Thinks

Written by: Maryna Mazurenko and Kevin Adams

Ever saw “What Women Want?”

Ever wanted to try Mr Gibson’s character’s hat?

Here and nobody else, today only and just for you: understand the recruiter to have him or her understand you afterwards!

Check the recent ways of recruiters’ thinking discovered by Resume Writing Service Experts…

  • Ok, no skills highlighted… Does this guy want me to read all the CVs I get?
  • Program Coordinator wants to be a Developer… Yeah! Right!
  • “Marital Status – single”… What’s that supposed to mean?
  • 10 pages… We’ve got another roman!
  • Grammar mistakes… For a PM position! Too bad…Gotta keep on searching
  • No cover letter… Hm, ok. Hello Mr. Stranger 🙂
  • Hmm, looks nice… Skills, ok. Long-term commitments, ok. Education, ok. “Fun at work”… Hm, I think I’ll call this guy!
  • Oh, firm handshake. Well-balanced?
  • What is this guy looking at? Have I got an unbuttoned button?
  • If this guy’s talking that much during work too, then when is he working???
  • Smiles too much, talks too good about himself… He’s probably not that smart after all.
  • He’s writing on my visiting card! Doesn’t care about our job?
  • Not asking questions about his future responsibilities… WHY???
  • Why so negative all the time? What’s wrong with him?

Now open your resume again, and don’t take the recruiter’s hat off till you read your resume again, and then read the Recruiter’s thoughts above. Any matches? Any fixes needed? Go for it. Or ask us to help you with your resume!

Good luck!

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