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Student Cover Letter

Covering letter can be a pass to the job interview or the reason, why the employer didn’t even look at your CV. The way your resume will be handled depends on the short one-page note, accompanying your CV, that’s the reason why you should do your best in writing a covering letter. Even if you’re a student and don’t have much experience in CV writing, using these tips you’ll definitely spark interest to your candidature:

  • Try to use normal-setting neutral type, such as Times New Roman, and size within 9-12 points, use align center. In the first line write your full name in bold, than write your address, telephone number and email. Leave a space line.
  • Write the date in the next line, align left. Leave one more empty string.
  • Now you should write the name and position of the employer, followed by the name of the company and its address. Add a line of space.
  • Write a greeting:”Dear Mr. /Ms.” and the last name of the person, responsible for hiring. Add comma and one more empty string.
  • Tell some words about the place you’re currently studying in and the program you’re enrolled. Name the vacancy you’re applying to and the person, by whom you were recommended (if there is such one). Leave a space line.
  • Say about the key roles and tasks you’re interested in and give the reasons, why your candidature fits in the best way to this position: highlight your skills and knowledge, which fully meet requirements, work experience in the same position and your achievements. It won’t be odd to say about the new methods you’re going to apply practically or the perspectives you’re going to achieve. Leave an empty string.
  • Thank employer for the time he/she spent and express the hope in further collaboration. Leave a space line.
  • Write “Sincerely” and after three empty lines your full name. These three lines of space are for your signature, which should be hand-written after printing the covering letter.
  • Before cover letter and resume submission edit the cover letter for correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Professor or a friend can help you reading it over for accuracy.

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