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Sears Holdings Corporation is the USA’s fourth largest broad line retailer which deals with home appliances, lawn and garden tools, electronics and automotive repair and maintenance. It is the parent company of Kmart Holding Corporation and Sears, Roebuck and Company. Holding is a huge retailer with 2,235 broad and 1,284 specialty-based retail stores in USA. It also operates 402 broad and specialty-based retail stores in Canada operating through Sears Canada Inc., a subsidiary which owns 73% of the stock. During fiscal 2009, it operated three reportable sections named Kmart, Sears Domestic and Sears Canada.

Sears Holdings operates stores under the name of Sears and Kmart. In 2005, Sears introduced Sears Essentials. The new store format was based on Sears and Kmart stores format, which was designed to help the company better compete with Wal-Mart and Target retail stores. However, this project has been resigned now and has been merged with the Sears Grand concept.

Sears Holdings also cross-sell its products between its two brands. Craftsman tools can now be bought at the Kmart stores which actually belong to the Sears. However, in some of the cases, the previous cross-selling has been ceased. For example, Martha Stewart brand paint colours are no longer available at Sears’s stores.

Opportunities with Sears

On the Sears Holdings Corporation career opportunities page you will find various job opportunities which are under three different categories:

> Entry Level and Hourly Jobs

> Professional and Salaried Jobs

> College Intern Programs

Store Employment

There are a lot of store-based jobs available in Sears Holding Corporation.  In each store, there are fulltime and part-time employment opportunities.  Some are entry level work and others require significant amount of related work experience and academic background.  There are also salaried and hourly positions available in the Sears Holding Corporation and their chain of stores.

You will need to complete the online application even if you are only interested in applying for the entry level post or even the hourly job in any of the Sears stores.  In visiting the application page, be very cautious that the position that you are applying for is the particular job that you want.  Also, be cautious that there are separate Sears online application for K-Mart Stores and Sears Stores.

You can search for the open positions if you want to apply for the professional level or the salaried position.  Submit the online application form for the job that you are interested in and is qualified for you to be considered.  Many of the Sears retail stores have pharmacies.  This is why the company often is in need of licensed pharmacists, pharmacy interns, pharmacy managers and support staff.  All the positions are posted on their website.

Supply Chain and Logistic Jobs

Sears Holding Corporation is a massive retail in operation and has a large scale supply chains and logistics.  Work opportunities in this part of the business include positions for the company’s 42 US distribution outlets, transportation support, logistics support, inventory control and other areas.

Should you be interested in any of the Sears or K-Mart Distribution Centres, the specific application form on their website should be completed for the position that you are interested in.  You can use professional supply and logistics position as the search keyword and apply for the positions that you like to be considered for.

Repair Technician Positions

People who enjoy working with their hands and are skilled enough in appliance or electronic equipments repair may find a rewarding job opportunity in Sears.  The company employs people to conduct in-house product repair services, carry-in product repairs and to work in the company’s distribution centres.  Submit a completed application form to be considered for employment and be a Sears Repair Technician in your preferred location.

Automotive Centre

Most Sears’s stores have automotive care centres and opportunities for individuals who are inclined mechanically are also available.  Even individuals who have sales and managerial skills are also welcome.  Service types provided by these care centres include: tire changing and tire alignment, brake works, battery replacements, oil changes and other automotive works.  If you like working with auto motives and you possess strong customer service skills then working for Sears Automotive Care Centres may be a great opportunity for you…

Customer Support for Call Centres

Sears also operates and owns several outbound and inbound customer support call centres that are found throughout the United States in places like Florida, Orland, Mobile, Des Moines, Iowa, Dallas, Texas and others.  The company hires people for their different call centre positions which include: Sales Representative, Customer Service Representative, Training Team Manager and Team Leads.  Excellent phone communication skills and typing skills are required to be considered for this type of employment opportunity with Sears.  All of the open customer support call centre positions are found on their website.

Corporate Office

Sears employs various administrative, retail and management professionals to work in the Sears’ corporate offices in different locations.  There are opportunities for people with expertise in various areas like human resource management, project management, information technology, marketing and many more fields of expertise.

Applying for Sears Job

Identifying the type of job that interests you is the first step.  Once you have decided which job you like to be employed with you can choose from the various job opportunities in Sears and determine if you like an hourly or professional job.  For hourly jobs use the hourly job application form while for professional job use the online database.  More information on the process of being considered for the job that you want in this company can be found by simply visiting the Apply for a Job at Sears’s link on their website.

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