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Professional Level Job CV writing basics

The real professional is the person, who has seen and done a lot and has own ways of problem solving; he/she has met unspecific situations in professional career and tried different approaches in project developing. The main feature of such workers is their broadened list of skills and activities. These changes can’t help reflecting on CV writing. Their CV looks more like complete Curriculum Vitae, not just resume: consists of 2-4 pages and has detailed work experience section. If you’re going to walk up the career stairs, next changes in your CV should be done.

First of all, look through requirements of new position and the institution, you’re going to work in, in whole and decide which from your last activities and acquired skills will be playing key role in your CV. Depending on the CV purpose: scientific, researching position or becoming an educational grand, samples of expected CVs may be given.

In most cases the common structure of resume remains to be the same, but isn’t so strictly limited, as in entry level CV, so you can create your own format.

Your name and contact information should begin your CV and professional references should end it. Between them such paragraphs should be highlighted: education, employment history, list of publications and honors. Everything from these sections should include only relevant to your vacancy information.

Some peculiarity of paragraph Honors should be given: the honor is named first, then the date conferred and the conferring body. The quality of your glories is more important than their quantity. Achievements that propose something new or uncommon are always higher valued, than a list of honors for “proper work”.

For position, connected with research activity, publication section plays prominent role. Publications should be named in reverse chronological order. Referred works should be also mentioned.

As you could have noted, there is no separate Skills section. It’s more efficient to mention them through the activities that you have gained. Parallel to depicting your work experience, skills and difficult tasks accomplishments should be showcased. They shouldn’t concern only one activity dimension. Highlighting your ability to cope with different tasks increases your professional potential.

Comparing with entry level job, professional CV writing has new points to be emphasized and new problems to be solved. Bear in mind, among disadvantages of new step in professional career there is a hard concurrence, which can be even more serious, than at the time of finding your first job.

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