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Positions At Target – Why To Apply

What Target.com and How Attractive Target.com is:

Target is widely known in America today. There’s a target store in every state except Vermont. The big, red bull’s-eye logo is easily recognized by people. It is a big store just like Wal-Mart, but the vibe is more upscale. A store can either be called plainly Target or Super target (the big ones). Unlike common stores, they do not play music. The store is very calm, all aisles are wide, and all their products include regular brands and some exclusives. They sell pretty much everything – from clothes, to food, to toys and electronics. And at present they are just starting on fresh produce.

Some people jokingly pronounce Target like “tar-shay”, an upscale boutique in France. It was said to have started back in 1962 at the Oprah Winfrey show. Oprah used French pronunciation when she referred to the store, and knowing how many millions of viewer she had and still has at present, the joke still exists. Target refers to their customers as guests, employees as team members and supervisors as team leaders. They work together to make the store a comfortable place to shop.

The store sells a lot of different things except firearms and cigarettes. They still have toy guns but the selection includes the oddly shaped ones that are brightly colored. This makes is safer since they do not look close to the real gun. Target at present is improving their stores. They now offer fresh produce, like some Wal-Mart stores. They used to only have dry goods but they are currently working on making their regular stores bigger and better.

Target advertises on television, magazines and newspaper. They have designers positioins at target to create a line for them. The newest they have is Mulberry for Target. Mulberry is popular for ridiculously priced designer purses but they created a line that allows regular people to buy it without spending one month’s paycheck to one purse. In the past, Nintendo designed a custom Nintendo game boy that was red and had the target logo on top. Target also exclusively sells the two-tone pink IPod.

Since we can find a target at ever state, it is easy for us to just find it and we know where to go to buy our household needs. They offer weekly specials that they advertise in paper so as wise buyers; we should keep on checking what they have to make sure we get the best deals out there.

Whoever is eager to get into dynamic environment and is looking for better positions – Target is the right place to work for!

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