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PHP Interview Questions Provided By Resume Writing Service

Resume Writing Service Gives Php iInterview QuestionsResume Writing Service informs that PHP stands for Hyper text Pre Processor, which is a scripting language used for development of web pages. Giving an interview for PHP is not an easy job because you will be asked about many commands in this language. But don’t worry, you will be provided here with complete interview tutoring with our professional resume writers and interview coaches.

Here are some basic and complex PHP interview questions from Resume Writing Service:

  • Define a constant and a variable?
  • What does PHP stand for?
  • Explain some errors of PHP?
  • What do you understand by type juggle?
  • Explain zend engine?
  • How would you transfer data from one web page to another web page?
  • What is meant by output buffering?
  • Explain the procedure for uploading a file?
  • What is a class method?
  • Elaborate the procedure to pass a variable?
  • What is a notify URL?
  • Explain captcha?
  • Describe unlink function in detail?
  • How can I assign 086 value to a variable?
  • Where will you use endif?
  • Define a session?
  • What is the procedure to create a database?
  • What is an array? How an array can be sorted?
  • What is a revoke command and why it is used?
  • How to create a table?
  • What is the procedure to change the names of the column and rows in a table?
  • How file can be saved?
  • What is a payment gateway process?
  • What is a remote server?
  • How can you change the font color in an HTML page?
  • What do you understand by normalization?
  • What is the meaning of abstract class?
  • How to change the maximum size limit of the file to be uploaded?
  • Where will you use a friend function?
  • What are cookies and how to reset cookies?
  • Highlight the difference between the two: x54 and 54?
  • Is it possible to combine two variables?
  • Is it possible to destroy a cookie?
  • Is it possible to submit a form without a form button?
  • Explain the procedure for initializing strings?
  • What is query and how to write it?
  • Why .frm file is used?
  • Explain following: STRISTR, printf,sha1(), MD5, COM, IMAP?
  • Is there any difference between require and include?
  • Is it possible to reset an array?
  • It is possible to view or open any word or excel file in PHP?
  • Can we add images in PHP?

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