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Phone interview questions and answers

Already done with your resume writing and got a phone interview invitation? Phone interviews are interviews taken over the phone for recruiting employees. Phone interviews are mostly used to select suitable candidates for in person interview.

Now, if you have a phone interview what you have to do? Definitely you have to get yourself prepared for it. One bad answer can flush you out of the successful candidates.

Here are some questions and their answers that you can be asked in a phone interview:

1. Tell me something about yourself?

Start with your full name, your latest or highest degree, your age, current working details and past experiences, trainings, workshops etc.

2. Why are you interested in this job?

Tell some positive aspects of the job. It could be salary, organization’s culture, chances for growth etc. Here your homework about the job you are applying for, plays a very vital role. So do your homework. Have some research.

3. Why are you leaving your current job?

Never say anything negative/bad about your current job/organization. You can say that “there is no job security” or “chances for growth are very rare”.

4. Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

“As a reliable and competent part of a successful organization, one like yours, where I can prove my skills and abilities”.

5. State some of your strengths and weaknesses?

Be honest and tell the truth. State your strengths as being honest, hard working, social and some others.

Whereas weakness is concern, state your weakness in a positive manner like “my greatest weakness is that I cannot quit my unfinished work until it is finished no matter what time it takes, it most of the times results in late sittings, cutting off from family and friends etc.”.

6. Why should I select you? Give me any reason(s)?

This is one of the toughest questions. Quote your achievements, your qualification, past experience, your trainings, describe your skills and abilities, and realize them that you are the perfect candidate for this job.

7. What you know about our organization and this job?

You should be fully equipped with the details of the post you are applying for. State some positive aspects of the organization. Describe the details of the job.

8. What is your current job position in the company?

Be honest and tell the details. But avoid getting into extra details of your current job.

Hope these questions and answers will help you in your upcoming phone interview. Best of luck!

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