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My First Job Choice: Its Role In My Future

Written by: Greg Lawrence, ResumeWritingService.biz owner

I hate writing myself but this is something that I wanted to share after last week we had a 19 years old client from VA. Her parents ordered a bunch of sessions with our career coaches getting girl ready for the adult life and having her get her first job and first check.

On Friday we had two opportunities for her.

First was close to her place, a bit better wages and… no career growth.

Second was be further, a start-up company where she would be doing not just receptionist work but also client relationships management, a bit of client support and so on.

Her mom’s choice was 1st option, the client’s one was 2nd one. I spent three hours on having them two understand the future does matter, and have the choice to be changed by their agreement to the 2nd one.

I cant even explain how simple this choice was to me. Back in 90s I had a choice like that too. I could be going for Project Manager role of well-known consultancy firm. I would be doing there known stuff. I could be trained to become even better project aware specialist, in the same industry. But I chose other option – a low level manager position in a start-up company where I could be doing my mistakes, staff my personnel and do other mistakes managing them, respond for the final result and be not micromanaged or limited with the constraints of my position, of my age (I was too young that time for such a role in other companies) or some other rules the companies and corporate world might have.

I never felt sorry for the choice I did. I got most of my skills I sell daily now during my that first assignment. I did all the mistakes I could within my first year there, and I learned from those own mistakes myself better than anyone could ever teach me elsewhere. I had quit the company after my 2 years of working there being a mid level manager with decent practical experience in my sphere. In 5 years after that I was managing a multi-million company on executive role. For all that I thank to my 1st real job, to my 1st offer where I sacrificed temporary comfort to my future success. If I did other choice, I bet I would be different now.

This is what I recommend you to do when picking up a real fulltime first job for yourself. Be pragmatic about your future!

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