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My 1st Job or How To Write My First Resume

Written by: Kevin Adams
I’ve got an “emergency” call today again. The guy is 18, he is high school student and he is totally lost on how to get his 1st job with the summer months remained.
It is amazing how often we are being asked on how exactly a teenager with no experience can be getting at least any job offer. Young people all over the world ask their parents, teachers, elder siblings and friends on their first work experience, and what we, consultants and coaches from resumewritingservice.biz advise on that.

Here are some hints on this matter.
Don’t be afraid to show you have no experience – because you do not have one!

Lets be rational. If you do not have anything to put into your resume yet, if you had never passed through employer’s interview and if you have nobody but your pals to get references from – most probably, the employers themselves are not expecting to get this all from you.
But what you do have is your personality, your social activities profile, your courses taken in school (probably those you succeeded mostly with) and your passion to learn new things or just do work.
Your personality are your skills that you, by your age, must be certain with. You already got to know how calm you may be when dealing with stress, how friendly you are when you talk to new people, how complex it is for you to start talking to the person you meet on the street, or how rational you are spending the savings done.

Depending on position you apply to, these characteristics will whether define you a green path to your first job, or give a very precise direction on where to work on in terms of self improvement.
Your social profile, from your school or any other organizations or communities you were participating in, to the employer defines the way you can organize other people and, more important for your first role, how good you can work in a team. Be honest and share the memories you have since the times you were playing sports in a team in a summer camp, editing the school’s paper and leading the school’s cheer group. Whatever defines your role in some abstract or specific community opens you the door to your career.

What goes next? Right, the courses taken and the courses you had prevailed in! If you were TOP5 student for maths, statistics or calculations, and you aim to get a cashier job in a shop around the corner – what else can give you few more points rather than specifying your grades you had, and tops you gained while doing this or that course? If the employer really considers someone with no experience (aiming to pay you probably bit less than to 40 years old man with two kids, house credit and plans on buying Ford Mustang 195x – the car he admired while being a kid) – your interests supported with academic achievements play on your side. Be wise and have them listed properly!
The final is what makes you really different from other candidates. Some employers, and need to say there are not too few of them, want you to want to work for them. Your passion to work, learning new things, doing extras helping other employees of some family business makes you really competitive if you do have this passion! Don’t be shy to show why you want this job, what makes you think you fit it, and what are your plans on how to become even more applicable to this vacant position you apply to in a week, in a month and in a year. The employer will admire and appreciate the candidate with probably no experience but with great will to get this experience fast and right way.

Remember, you cant show now something that makes you competitive to most of candidates with their career records in their resume. The past and experience does matter, and this is the reason you now read this post. We have this experience and we are happy sharing it with you. If you want, we will help you further creating the resume and cover letter together. We then will coach you on how to answer the most tricky questions you may face during the interview. Finally we will consider your skills set and probably advise you few more career pathes that you had not yet had in mind.
The last word: you do not risk by applying for any job. Be brave and ask your potential employer what one really thinks of your application. Fair questions lead to the trust. The trust defines the sympathy. And the sympathy opens the door to the honest feedback, from whoever you need. Good luck guys!

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