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Multi-tier interview process: things to remember

marina-resumewriting-sWritten by: Maryna Mazurenko



Multi-tier interview process: things to remember

The interview process in many companies nowadays is divided into several stages. This is done to minimize the risks in hiring the “right candidate”. There are things to remember about the multi-tier interview process that I would like to share.

As you come to the office several times, be certain that you’ll be meeting different people who will be composing ideas and opinions about you and will be adding them to your general picture. The first and most important factor in the decision making process begins with your resume/CV and the first interview.

The first interview is usually conducted by the Recruiter or HR Manager to find out some general things about you and see whether you behave adequately and are a team player or our-company-person. Also it’s a good time for you to understand whether this company is a place you’d like to work at.

As you come to talk to different people, make sure you dress other shirts as minimum. Don’t come in the same outfit twice, because you might meet the same people you already saw in this office. Remember they are making their minds about you until the final decision is carried out. Ask business cards from the people who interview you and try to remember their names.

When you are addressed the same questions, make certain you don’t answer in using same phrases and language clichés. Be original every time without changing your view or point on the matter. Most important thing – make sure the truths you dwell on don’t change in their nature and are not opposite every time you speak about them to somebody new. If they keep you on asking the same question, don’t think there is something wrong with you answering it and please never say that you’ve already been asked this one. Patiently go over it again, using other words, but describing the same principle or your belief.

Ask different people different questions. They talk to each other about you, be sure. Let the majority of the questions you ask to deal on your future job process and responsibilities. Let the interviewers see you are serious and interested in the job.

For some positions the multi-tier interview process ends up with a business lunch or dinner. Make sure you don’t drink too much, better to stay away from drinking at all. Also don’t go to smoke if your partners don’t smoke either. Don’t answer the cell phone and even if you forgot to turn it off in advance, drop the call without answering it or looking who is calling. And last, but not least – make sure your language is professional and you don’t become “buddies” with your interviewer during that lunch. Let your personal and professional qualities be on the level!

Good luck!

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