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Minor Resume Mistakes That Matter

marina-resumewriting-sWritten by: Maryna Mazurenko

To submit a resume that contains mistakes on its pages is probably even worse than not to submit the resume at all. You ask why? Because no reputation is always better than bad reputation, no matter how sad it may sound. So what are these common resume mistakes and how to manage escape them on your CV?
The first and most important is general resume structure; because it’s the first what Hiring Manager’s eyes catch. If the dates, job titles, company names are not mentioned – these resume immediately generates serious questions and gives a shaky impression. Consult Internet sites or apply for a professional resume writing service to have a perfect structure and correct layout.
Second most common failure is given to spelling and grammar mistakes. This is just inappropriate! It leaves a very cheap idea about the entire document. Double check with people you respect and trust.
Proofread several times and have your friends take a close look too, or if nobody is to help – ask the resume editing service to have a look at one.
The common mistake makes a resume that is responsibility-focused instead of accomplishments-focused. Managers are usually interested to see not what you were doing, but what you did. Stress the accomplishments, personal and professional achievements!
Important skills are at the bottom of the resume and not highlighted. Remember those 3 or 30 seconds which your resume gets? Make them count! Make them work for your advantage!
Never write a roman instead of a resume! Seems like an every single person remembers the 2 pages resume size, but I can’t tell you how many times in my Recruitment career I’ve seen resumes as long as even 10 pages. Don’t do that. Such resumes always go to the Bin.
Don’t forget the line about references! A vital tiny part of EVERY resume!
Don’t try to make a painting out of your CV, unless you are a painter. Never use more than 3 fonts on the resume. The impression with more fonts is funny and cheap. Have fun but don’t play.
Never omit the objective and summary parts. It gives the documents importance, clear vision of your intentions and quick idea of what kind of a specialist is behind the paper.
Most serious and common mistake is to submit the same resume to many positions. Every job order has its skills, its musts. It’s important to adjust the resume exactly to a specific job requirement.
Leave all the irrelevant details out of the resume you apply for a specific opening. The Hiring Manager will see that you didn’t do your homework.
And of course last, but not least – nothing but truth! Never lie on your resume. Actually, in general, never lie, for life is not worth it.
Good luck!

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